Kiva Plant-a-Thon

One year into Covid, we have gotten really good at shifting and adjusting to an ever-changing world of uncertainty and isolation. Last year, so many people we know used the extra time Covid offered to Garden! They enjoyed the experience so much, that we wanted to use this spring time to help encourage more to grow their own food and go local!

This year, garden with an even larger impact in your community. Our inaugural Plant-a-Thon will run April 16th - May 16th. All of the net proceeds from this event will support Kiva students and programs this upcoming school year and will help invest in Kiva's long-term sustainability and success. Your dollars will support our work with underserved populations in the Denver Metro Area to increase the equity of nature-based education. Your efforts will give more kids the opportunity to experience our empowering programs that cultivate compassionate and environmentally-minded leaders in their communities.

How do you participate? It's simple, here's how:
1. Measure your garden area (length and width) to find your square footage.
2. Create a personal, team, family, or company fundraising page right here on ColoradoGives and set a fundraising goal. You can set your goal at whatever amount you want, but if you're not sure, here are some guidelines: $150 for individuals, $250 for a team or family, $500+ for companies.
3. Share your fundraising page with everyone you know that may want to sponsor your garden. Suggest they sponsor with $1-$5 per square foot that you'll plant.
4. Get planting!

We recognize that not everyone has the space or means to create their own gardens, but may want to participate. You're in luck! There are several other ways to participate.
Boulder County is holding a volunteer tree planting day on the morning of May 15th. Here's the info: Or you can find people to sponsor your kitchen counter micro-greens operation. There are so many ways to "plant" seeds, get creative and have fun!