Giving Methods

Donate Using the Payment Method that Works Best for You

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Major Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover accepted.

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Bank Account

Donate directly from your bank account.

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Use your PayPal account to donate.

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay available on accepted devices.

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Google Pay

Google Pay available on accepted devices.


Investment Vehicles 

One of biggest benefits of using funds from an investment vehicle on Colorado Gives 365, is that you can make one distribution to the Colorado Gives Foundation and we will load those funds onto an electronic Giving Card so that you can spread the good around to any of the 3,700 nonprofits on the  

A 2.05% transaction fee will apply when using an electronic Giving Cards issued for less than $100,000. 

A black background with a and white dollar sign and two straight lines.


Use your IRA Charitable Distribution, also known as Qualified Charitable Donation (QCD).

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Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

Use your Donor Advised Fund from Fidelty, Schwab, Vanguard or any other organization.

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Wire Transfer

ACH or wire transfers are accepted.

Image of a certificate


Gifts of stock are sold and loaded onto a giving card for use on the website.



Colorado Gives Foundation logo

Colorado Gives Foundation DAF

Donating through your Colorado Gives Foundation Donor Advised Fund is easy! Log into your portal to recommend grants to one or multiple nonprofits in one simple transaction.

Interested in opening a Donor Advised Fund with Colorado Gives Foundation. Learn More

About Fees 

In order to deliver an excellent year-round giving platform and sustain the efforts around Colorado Gives Day, an optional transaction fee of 3.99% is presented on every donation. Learn More

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