Nonprofit Prizes

Win $100,000 worth of prizes thanks to FirstBank, the Colorado Gives Day presenting sponsor.

New Nonprofits
1 prize of $5,000

New Nonprofits:  $5,000 will be awarded to a new nonprofit that raises the most online through during early giving (Nov. 1 - Dec.4).

Growth Prize
1 prize of $5,000

Returning Nonprofits: $5,000 will be awarded to a returning nonprofit with the biggest year over year growth on (Nov. 1 - Gives Day 2022 vs. 2023)  for dollars raised on

Facebook Trivia Contest
10 prizes of $1,000 each

Game on! Enjoy online Colorado Gives Day Trivia, hosted by FirstBank. Two (2)  nonprofits named by players are selected to win each day and receive $1,000. Nonprofits can increase their odds of winning by inviting donors, employees, volunteers, families, friends – ANYONE - to play! The 2023 fun is set for Monday, Nov. 27 – Friday, Dec. 1. FirstBank hosts the fun on their Facebook page. Look for the @ColoradoGives tag. Questions are posted twice a day and winners randomly drawn from all the correct answers. FirstBank announces winners and their chosen nonprofits on FirstBank’s Facebook page within two hours of posting each question.

Grand Prizes
3 prizes of $10,000 each

This year, we’re awarding $10,000 to the top nonprofit on each Grand Prize leaderboard category that raises the most money on during Colorado Gives Day (Nov. 1 – Dec. 5.). Categories are defined as small, medium and large. 

Power Hours
15 prizes of $2,000 each

Fifteen (15) nonprofits can win an extra $2,000 prize on Colorado Gives Day. For each power hour, nonprofits will be associated to either a small, medium, or large leaderboard.  The nonprofit that is ranked #1 for the most raised at the end of the power hour will win $2,000.  Nonprofits can win only 1 power hour prize.  

7AM-8AM       10AM-11AM       4PM-5PM       7PM-8PM       10PM-11PM

Rally Around the State
15 prizes of $1,000 each

We love and appreciate our Regional Champions. That’s why we’re spreading the love across the state by giving each of our 15 Regional Champions $1,000.

Host an Event
1 prize of $5,000

Do you have an event planned?  Use the Colorado Gives 365 Event Fundraising Page anytime between Nov. 1 -Dec. 5 and you could win a $5,000 prize.  Event pages must have a minimum of two (2) active fundraising pages to be eligible.  The event page with the most dollars raised online through will be awarded the prize.

Please note that the final determination of prizes and awards will be made at the discretion of Colorado Gives Foundation. 

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