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Why doesn't the U.S. support their moms like other countries do? Every mom deserves a support system to help them through the hardest job on the planet (we create life yet are left on our own to figure out how to keep it alive). YANAM2M's program gives all moms the support they deserve.


"Postpartum with my first two children was bad. When I became pregnant with my third I thought about
suicide. After having him I lost my therapist when my insurance dropped me. I then had thoughts about
how I was going to do it. I had a person in my life that made me feel like I was a bad mom. She would say
things to feel good about herself that she could do better. I felt like I was in the way of my family. At this
time another mother did it and took her boys with her. People began reaching out. I tried a group at my
daughter's school but it didn't last long. Then YANA started (You Are Not Alone). I showed up late, not
showered just a hot mess that day. They took me in mom to mom. They gave me a place to go each
week and talk it out, cry it out, and help others. A great support system and I'm now doing ok. If they
saved anybody they saved me and I'm sure they are saving others. They meet weekly, for free, and have
help with the kiddos. So if you are struggling, know someone that is, or just want a play date check YANA
out." Joann


YANAM2M's mission statement is that no mom ever feels alone or that they aren't enough. All moms should feel safe, valued and accepted.

Background Statement

After two local moms took their lives and the lives of their children, we created YANAM2M to support moms. No mom should ever feel alone or that they aren't enough and our program, Strong Mamas, Thriving Babies will change the world, one mom at a time. We became a nonprofit in May of 2017 and have not only saved lives but changed hundreds of lives throughout the past years. Strong Mamas, Thriving Babies is a program that gives EVERY mom who gives birth at one of our participating hospitals a full year of wrap-around support. We are changing the world, one mama at a time!

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