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Cancer is a beast. Like a dragon, it's savage, smart, lurks in the shadows, and pillages lives. But what if this beast could be tamed? It may shock you to learn that almost 18 million people in the U.S. have cancer at any given time, but only 3-5% enroll in clinical research trials. That means more than 17 million people don't have a full arsenal to win their battles. Clinical research trials are the key to taming the dragon, and you are the magic. You believe in a future where cancer doesn't win. Because you believe, Western States Cancer Research can further our mission to make cancer clinical trials and research studies available to patients and physicians in their own communities. 

How to tame a dragon? Self-advocacy, and the broadest array of treatment options available.

"Participating on a WSCR-NCORP study saved my life-I am now in remission and, thanks to the study, feeling great. I can make it through my day without being exceptionally tired. I sleep better. I have my energy level back and, and most importantly, I'm back to being able to participate in family events. I chose to enroll in the study for a couple of reasons: coincidentally my father-in-law also has CLL and participated in a study in San Diego, with excellent results. So, I knew the benefits of participation plus wanted to be able to help others and help further research to one day find a cure. If it wasn't for WSCR-NCORP and their awesome team, I don't know where I'd be now-and we can't thank you enough!" 

Ed Brandon, cancer patient, Monument, CO

Ed Brandon and his wife of 30 years, Kim Regan-Brandon.

Since 2008, members of the Bill Dea family have hosted an annual golf tournament in his honor and in support of Western States Cancer Research NCORP. Bill Dea, a very special husband, dad, friend, and avid golfer passed away Labor Day Weekend, 1993 due to cancer. Being the generous and selfless man he was, Bill donated his body to help find a cure.

We would like to introduce you to Dr. Ryan Weight, a medical oncologist at The Melanoma and Skin Cancer Institute, and one of our 2023 Berris Award winners in honor of our founder, Robert F. Berris, MD. In 1970, Dr. Berris penned a letter to the Director of the National Cancer Institute stating that the current system of cancer research funding was not reaching down to the community level where the majority of patients were being treated. In 1983, the National Cancer Institute followed Dr. Berris’ advice and formed the Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP). Under Dr. Berris’ leadership, CCRP was one of the original 20 CCOP sites established and continues today as Western States Cancer Research NCORP. Dr. Berris retired from his private practice in 2005 and continued to support our work until his death in 2011. Dr. Robert Berris embodied all the attributes of this award.

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The mission of Western States Cancer Research is to make cancer clinical trials and research studies available to cancer patients and physicians in their own communities. While research is a part of our name, we are not a research organization, but rather a connector of patients and oncologists to essential clinical trials.

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You save your magic for only the most special situations. We see you. We are humbled by the need that exists in the world, and by your choice to be our cancer fighting heroes and heroines. You may not know that since it's inception in 1989 WSCR-NCORP has brought revolutionary cancer treatment, prevention, and symptom control to patients in Colorado and across the United States. Working together with you, patients, oncologists, and the National Cancer Institute, WSCR-NCORP has been able to find important answers that have changed how cancer is both treated and prevented.

Today WSCR-NCORP has a network of hospitals and medical systems across Colorado, Washington and Alaska. In 2014 WSCR-NCORP became one of only 34 National Community Oncology Research Programs (NCORP) in the US. In 2023, WSCR-NCORP has more than 90 cancer trials open, with nearly 450 individuals taking part and another 700 followed for their health status post treatment.

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