Surface Creek Animal Shelter

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$5,200 Goal

We value you.  

Surface Creek Animal Shelter understands that your support and volunteerism are brought forth from a compassionate, common interest of uplifting local furry companions and the Delta County community at large. 

Thank you for making an impact!  We are grateful for your continued support. 

Providing animal shelter & welfare, guaranteed adoption, active spay, neutering, vaccination & educational programs. 

We're allocating $12,000 towards the purchase and shipping of (2) double unit kennels in 2023 (4 kennels total) . Attached are pictures of the double unit suites. 

The plan would be to order new kennels in January 2023. We aim for help from volunteers to assist putting mobile bases and doors on. The laminate kennel currently in the Quarantine Room would be taken out of use. Perhaps kept in the front dog room for emergency short term housing of sick or injured cats at intake. A 6 unit stainless kennel moves to the Quarantine Room from the Intake Room. Two units with 6 kennels move from Well Room to Intake. 

The two new units (4 kennels total) will be put into the Well Room.  

This allows us to house more animals, add the equipment needs for the animals and remain compliant with current PACFA (Pet Animal Care Facilities Act) regulations. 

Can you support our goal?

*Funds may be allocated to other specified areas if preferred; general care of animals; food/shelter, water OR vet needs, meds & vaccinations


Companion animals of Surface Creek Valley community are rescued from hunger, thirst, pain, injury, disease, discomfort, fear, and distress;

SCAS provides community welfare and gives companionships and support in forever homes.

Background Statement

The Friends of Cedaredge Animal Control (FCAC) was founded in 2001 and officially received 501c3 status in 2003. At the time, the Cedaredge Animal Shelter was operated by the Town of Cedaredge. The role of FCAC was to provide support for the Shelter to maintain it as an adoption guaranteed shelter. FCAC was successful in this role and in 2011 took over operation of the Shelter.

To support the Shelter a thrift store; The Shelter Shoppe was opened in 2010. Volunteers staff the Shoppe, and 100% of proceeds the Shelter.

Surface Creek Animal Shelter is also supported via numerous volunteer dog walkers, veterinary assistance, transportation, behavioral training, vaccinations, and overall animal care.

In 2011 we expanded our service area to the Surface Creek Valley. In 2017, a name change occurred from Friends of Cedaredge Animal Control to Surface Creek Animal Shelter and the organization separated from the Town of Cedaredge.

A new building was constructed in 2018 to support more animals; 35 cats and 7 dogs. We assist over 400 animals per year, 75 of which were reunited with their owners in 2021.

Our mission is made possible because of our community members.

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Surface Creek Animal Shelter

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Surface Creek Animal Shelter, SCAS, Friends of Cedaredge Animal Control

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