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Transforming the lives of African children through education.


The Saint Nektarios Education Fund is committed to building schools in the poorest, most remote areas of Africa. Our goal is to serve humanity by reaching out to children of any tribe, religion, or ethnic group. We create self-sustaining schools by empowering the local communities in which our projects take place. As an all volunteer organization we ensure that 95% of all donated funds go directly to our projects ensuring any donation regardless of size will have a tangible impact in the lives of these deserving children.

Background Statement

A modest idea born in a seminary dorm room in 2002 has blossomed into a very profound reality. Recognizing the tremendous need for education in sub-Saharan Africa and answering the Christian Gospel's call to minister to our fellow man, the Saint Nektarios Education Fund was created. In the beginning, our goals were not ambitious. We sent a mere $450 that first year to eight very needy and poor students in Kenya. This small sum was enough to pay for one year of their school tuition. Since those early days of choosing a handful of students, the Saint Nektarios Education Fund has endeavored to include an ever-increasing number of children who are in need of an education. Through the grace of God and the love of many, the Fund has provided over 430 scholarships and several operating grants to schools in Africa.

While we were pleased with the successes accomplished in providing individual scholarships, we certainly were not satisfied that enough was being done. In 2006 we realized that in order to bring about real and lasting change the focus and mindset of the Fund had to shift. With that realization we began construction on our first independent school in Serem, Kenya. Since then we have learned a lot and through a partnership with International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) we have added three additional schools to our list of accomplishments. These last three schools, one middle school and two high schools, have been completed since 2009, with our latest project being finished in November of 2013. In 2014 efforts to establish a school in Butember, Uganda on the shores of Lake Victoria were initiated. Construction of our fifth school is underway, a Secondary school that will serve 240 students.

These schools have provided students in remote places, such as Gulu, Lwemiyaga, and now Butembe, Uganda with an opportunity to change their futures and realize their true potential. When our latest 240 student high school project reaches its full capacity, the enrollment in Saint Nektarios Fund established schools will top 1200 students annually!

Looking to the future, in 2015 we envision breaking ground on yet another new school, a goal that can be achieved with your help. Together with our network partner IOCC we have begun investigating possible locations. In November 2013 board members traveled with IOCC's Director of Development Mr. Billy Brown, and His Eminence Archbishop JONAH of Uganda to the villages where we have planted schools and to places waiting for our assistance. Despite the deplorable and unsafe conditions in which nearly children "attend school" in many of these areas their hope and desire for a different and better future is certain.

We know that all good and profitable efforts begin with a thought, a notion to make a difference in the world around us. We humbly ask that you join with us in making a difference. Together we can provide an education and the promise of a better tomorrow to so many who are in need. The Saint Nektarios Education Fund is a 501c3 non-profit based in Colorado so your tax-deductible gift will be responsibly used to ensure that more children have the opportunity to receive a life changing education. Thank you for playing a part in making this dream become a reality.

God Bless,

+Father Evan Armatas, President Saint Nektarios Education Fund on behalf of our Board, Dn. John Kavas, Esq., Mr. Maurice Nissim, Mrs. Olga Payne, Mrs. Ronna Phelps, Dr. William White, Dn. Paul Zaharas

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