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Who We Are...

At Southeast Christian Counseling Center, we exist to invest ourselves in you and your loved ones to cultivate wholeness and hope in our community. As a nonprofit outpatient mental health therapy clinic with over 20 clinicians, we financially subsidize care for more than 200 brave clients and their families every month. With your support, we want to grow that impact exponentially. Though our purpose and ethic are driven by a conviction of faith, our doors and arms are open to people from any belief system or walk of life, pursuing mental health and relational wholeness. Will you partner with us to open the door for the thousands who don't yet have access??

Did you know?

While one in three people will have a diagnosable mental illness in their lifetime, fewer than half of those in need ever receive any professional support to heal and thrive. In fact, Colorado ranks last among the states in access to professional mental health services. 

What Southeast is doing about it...

At Southeast, we employ a fantastic team of professional therapists with varying areas of expertise. We also provide therapy groups for things like parenting, addictions, domestic violence, and teen issues. Our staff are dedicated, but the true heroes are the brave members of our community who engage in accessible therapy who want something better for themselves and their loved ones.

In a genuine effort to remove barriers to care, we not only employ excellent clinicians with diverse credentials and areas of expertise, we also...

  1. Provide community workshops to support wellbeing in professional and faith-based communities on things like stress management, suicide prevention, recovery from traumatic relationships, and more. 
  2. Partner with local governments, churches, schools, businesses, and non-profits to pool resources reduce costs for services.
  3. Financially subsidize professional assessment and therapy services for more than 200 brave clients and their families every month.

We envision a Colorado in which suffering from mental illness or brokenness in relationships is not a death sentence, nor an unbearable burden to any individual or the people they love. Instead, it can be an opportunity to grow. At Southeast, there is a place where anyone can do that with dignity, care, and empowerment so that they may live fulfilling lives and contribute fully to those they love most. This is what we and our community partners are striving for, together.


The mission of Southeast Christian Counseling Center (Southeast Counseling) is to promote mental & relational health by providing a full range of high-quality psycho-therapeutic services, removing barriers to necessary care for individuals, couples, and families in need.

Background Statement

Southeast Christian Counseling was founded as a Colorado Nonprofit organization in 2018 with the support of Southeast Christian Church and other local partners. The new organization's purpose was and is to promote mental & relational health by providing a full range of high-quality psycho-therapeutic services and removing barriers to necessary care for individuals, couples, and families in need.

One third of all Americans will have a diagnosable mental illness at some point in their lifetime, less than half of those with a clinical need ever receive care, and suicide is now the leading cause of death in Colorado's youth. What is more, Colorado now ranks last among all 50 states in access to mental health care for those in need.

So, why aren't more people getting the support they need to thrive? In recent years, stigma around mental health has waned, but the founders and contributors to Southeast have witnessed that access to effective treatment remains a staggering barrier to receiving the care millions of people need. Among the reasons access remains so difficult are:

1) Too few available, effective professional clinicians to provide the hours and frequency of service needed.

2) There are significant financial barriers both to providing and affording professional mental health services that would lead to lasting health in our society.

To tackle this problem, since its inception, Southeast has developed partnerships with local governments, courts, schools, churches, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations to accomplish greater access to effective treatment for thousands of individuals and their families. By pooling resources, educating one another, and finding creative ways to serve our community together, we have successfully removed these barriers for thousands of people in need of professional care.

Since launching in June of 2018, more than 2,600 children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families have received the professional support they needed at Southeast to work through anxiety, depression, addictions, broken relationships, and more. (More than 1,000 recipients of these services would not otherwise have been able to afford them due to prohibitive costs of quality care in the marketplace or being underinsured, saving them and their community hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

Southeast has also launched special programs and services to support active and retired disabled military personnel and their families, victims of domestic violence, court-ordered clients in diversion programs, teens in distress, faith communities facing violence and suicide, and more. Among such programs, we have launched several therapy groups to support struggling parents, domestic violence offenders and victims, adolescents adolescents navigating a confusing world, and people grieving the loss of loved-ones.

By 2025, Southeast Envisions...

• Expanding services so that 2,000 individuals and families have access to high-quality, effective treatment at the center every year.

• Providing crucial services to 1,000 people who would otherwise not be able to afford it, every year.

• Providing $500,000 per year in financial assistance to people suffering from mental illness and relational brokenness so that they can receive the assessment and therapeutic services they seek.

• Launching several more groups for parents, victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, teens, people experiencing addictions, and more.

• Training new clinicians (Master’s-Level or higher) every year in quality, integrative care through workshops, internship, and devoted clinical supervision programming.

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