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Inspire stewardship! Invest today in the future of the Colorado Riverfront Project, a string of pearls, connecting state wildlife areas, state and city parks, and other community treasures with paved and multi-use trails for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike!


I support the Riverfront Foundation in part because I love the Colorado Riverfront Concert Series. I've attended the community concerts for many years and it feels great knowing I'm supporting the trails all while enjoying great music in a beautiful outdoor setting.
~Brenda, private business owner in Fruita

We believe in the mission of the Riverfront Foundation to build a public trail from Palisade to Fruita. As longtime outdoor enthusiasts, we appreciate the availability of easy access to the trail sections throughout the Grand Valley for all user levels. The trail is a true benefit to all residents and visitors.
~The Kuneys, Fruita

There is much work yet to be done to finalize the Riverfront Trail between Palisade and Fruita. We are a volunteer group working hard to realize the vision of the early One Riverfront and the common goal of civic leaders: to provide access to outdoor recreation along the Colorado River flowing through the Grand Valley. Donations are one of the key factors needed to ensure the continuation of the Riverfront Trail Project, it's a project I feel passionate about and that's why I'm not only a volunteer on One Riverfront, but also a financial supporter.
~Karen Jefferson, One Riverfront, co-chair and Colorado Riverfront Foundation member

Since retiring, I have for several years, volunteered at the Grand Junction Visitor's Center. The River Front Trail maps are always in demand. We get many questions from visitors asking information for where are access points, where can they rent a bike, where is the disk golf course and what types of wildlife might be viewed along the trial? We also receive many favorable comments from visitors who have used the trail system. These expressions of interest in the river front trail system as shown by visitors, convinces me that the Riverfront Project is not only a great benefit to our residents, but also contributes significantly to the efforts to increase tourism in the Grand Valley.
~Fid Braffett retired CPA

Not only am I an advocate for the Riverfront Trail and a former Board Member for One Riverfront, I live right on the river!! I own 15 acres and the Colorado River is my entire south property line, above and below the water!! At first I didn't want to grant One Riverfront an easement because I didn't want to give up my privacy or have people crossing my land. But after walking and riding my horse along the trails I realized that the trail is a beautiful part of our community! The trail is a continuous path (for the most part) from one end of the valley to the next. It is safe, no traffic, beautiful views and wildlife. I didn't hesitate to work out the details with One Riverfront and found them quite easy and pleasant to work with. They put my concerns first and addressed my questions and I am so happy to have been a part of giving to this wonderful project!
~ Gale Foster, former One Riverfront member

As a seven year resident of Mesa County, I view the Riverfront Project as an asset to this community. The trail system, state parks, city parks, and other riverfront destinations have bolstered by ability to get outside and enjoy access to the mighty Colorado River and all it has to offer. My favorite way to enjoy the trail is by going on a walk with my sons, early in the morning when the air is still crisp; often, we can catch a surprising glimpse at a deer or blue heron along the banks of the river. I donate to the Riverfront Project and trail development because I want my sons to enjoy this unique and valuable resource with theirs children; I encourage everyone to share responsibility for the future of our community by doing the same!

Our community is proud of the access and opportunity we have provided to our residents and visitors to enjoy the riverfront. Our project is also being held in high regard by other communities. The communities along the Verde River in Arizona sees our work and local government collaboration as a model for their region as they are hoping to enhance their riverfront as well through the building of trails and other riverside amenities.
~Stacy Beaugh, RiversEdge West, Former Executive Director

The Colorado Riverfront Trail is a great asset to western Colorado for many reasons. Economically it is a reason companies will want to relocate to the valley for their employees to have for recreation, health, fitness and travel throughout the valley. It provides access for children to get outdoors. It enhances the ecology and beauty of the river corridor and in general is a great asset for all.
~Dr. Larry Copeland, Retired Orthopedist

First, I am an avid user myself and typically bike different parts of the trail several times a week...


Advocate for coordinated community stewardship of our river corridors.

Background Statement

The Colorado River provides a valuable water resource that sustains the agricultural and urban economics of the Grand Valley (greater Grand Junction area) in western Colorado, which is one of the largest metropolitan areas located on the river. Since 1987 One Riverfront (ORF) have been dedicated to helping Grand Valley communities be stewards of this precious resource through the development of the Riverfront Project. Often described as a string of pearls, the Riverfront Project is comprised of county properties, city parks, state parks and wildlife areas, and open space which are connected by multi-use trails stretching along the Colorado River.

2014 marked a significant milestone in our history, the completion of the Riverfront Trail connection between Grand Junction and Fruita. We look at this milestone not only as an accomplishment, but to affirm our vision for the future. To do this we have reviewed our history, conducted multi-partner retreats, and interviewed community members.

In August of 2018, the Riverfront Trail connection between the City of Fruita and the Kokopelli Trail was completed. This connection realized part of our goal of reaching the Colorado/Utah state line.

The Colorado Riverfront Foundation (RFF), ORF's fiscal agent, was established as a non-profit in 1987 as a way to accept donations and grants on behalf of the Riverfront Trail Project. ORF works with and advises its partners and local governments in implementing trail projects while the RFF provides cash match for the projects.

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