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Our vision is to be a leading force in changing the face of survivorship, where no one has to decide between cancer treatment and their basic needs.


"These journeys are lifelong, and having an entire room of families who truly understand, and an entire community at your back, empowers us all to make the most of every day....Being a part of this group clearly has a profound affect on all involved. Patients, survivors, and their families are a part of something, part of a team."
-Dan Kruse, local cancer survivor

"I have had cancer three times, which changed my life circumstances permanently. Where I was once in the prime of my life with a job and lots of time to improve my life, now I am one of the people standing in lines for help, with the sound of a clock ticking in my mind, always. I have become familiar with many help programs and want you to know, that by far, you are the most generous, easily accessible group, so well designed that after I interact with you, my self esteem is intact. Once, you paid my rent for three months which was so helpful and reached so far that we were allowed Christmas. Right now you're making the co-pay on a counselor for me. Thank you so much. The only person I have is my daughter and it's a relief to have someone else to discuss matters with. I'm so grateful that our changing economic times haven't ended your efforts."
God Bless You, Theresa

"Thank you also for sharing your story and showing my son that you can survive cancer and have a normal life. I think because of our involvement with the RamStrength Foundation my son has matured and is proud of being a cancer survivor."
Best Regards
Ken, Nicole and Yann

"I needed some place to go. I needed a team. Because in a team you start getting the momentum built up, you start to win and as you start to win, my cancer wasn't a problem anymore-I was trying to help other people."
-Tim Rickett, cancer survivor, RamStrength board member

"...In the 43 years that we have been married, we have never been in this position. Cancer is an unbelievable disease that until you are faced with it, you really don't know how much it strips you not only financially, but emotionally. It's programs like the RamStrength Foundation that contributes so much to families like ours..."
-Ken and Nancy
Survivor Story


RamStrength supports local cancer survivors by providing financial assistance for basic needs, scholarships, programs and services

Background Statement

RamStrength, the Lubick Foundation's non-profit initiative continues to grow and evolve. Headed by Executive Director, Michelle Lubick Boyle, the team is thriving, and continues to grow as an established 501(c)3. Taking the fight against cancer to the next level, they are enabling increasing support for local cancer survivors in need by providing direct financial assistance for basic needs, scholarships,programs and services. When cancer struck the Lubick Family, they fought back. Born out of Michelle's desire to help and support her brother, Marc when he was battling a rare form of cancer, she and Tasha Marchant founded RamStrength in 2007 with incredible community support. Since then, the momentum has continued to grow, sparking successful events and fundraisers, increased volunteer support, and raising over $2.5 million since its inception! RamStrength is managed by Lubick Foundation, with members of the Lubick family supporting the everyday efforts of the organization.

RamStrength has also teamed up with Colorado State University and the Department of Athletics to help increase cancer awareness and spread the word about the numerous ways RamStrength can provide support. In the academic arena, RamStrength is excited to award six $2,500 scholarships that will provide tuition assistance to CSU students afflicted with cancer.

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