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Healthy ecosystems are inextricably linked to our own health and the health of pollinators-a species we depend on! Help us reign in out-of-control toxic chemical use, create pollinator habitat, and foster policies and land management practices that protect pollinators and all who reside in Colorado!

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"[PPAN volunteers], Ingrid and Laura, gave a presentation at our HOA meeting in November 2017...[which] stirred up great interest in reducing pesticides and other chemicals in our community. One thing led to another, and by the fall of 2018, we had submitted a [grant] proposal to the City of Longmont. We are very thankful to PPAN for encouraging all of us in Shadow Grass Park to learn more about pollinators and their role in the ecosystem."
-Laura Pechaitis, Shadow Grass Park HOA President, Longmont

"I want to express our utmost gratitude for People and Pollinators Action Network's willingness to collaborate with Wild Ones Front Range chapter on several events which bring our memberships together for the education, resources and general betterment of our community toward healthier local ecosystems. We are a young organization promoting environmentally sound landscaping practices with native plants. PPAN, under the leadership of Joyce Kennedy, quickly recognized the commonalities in our missions and encouraged our chapter's development. They were willing to partner on new initiatives and shared immense wisdoms learned while striving to make measurable changes for pollinators and the planet. We have gained much and I believe our memberships have benefited from this partnership-understanding the interdependence of both flora and fauna in a biodiverse space. Besides this partnership, I so admire the Network's broad scope; PPAN is bold in pursuing grand policy shifts and yet, shows up to help the homeowner understand her role as part of the solution. Thanks for sharing your expertise and resources with our community."
-Peggy Hanson, Board Member, Wild Ones Front Range Chapter

"A few years ago, I learned about PPAN from a local beekeeper and requested a "Colorado Pollinator Habitat" sign to put in my front garden. Seeing the sign has sparked conversations with neighbors and friends some of whom have followed suit. After attending a webinar last year about eliminating glyphosate and other harmful pesticides in local communities, I was inspired to work on creating a pollinator resolution for Loveland and began organizing a group of folks to help. In March of this year, NoCo PPAN was born, combining the efforts of volunteers already working in Fort Collins on education and outreach with the newly formed Loveland group. I am honored to be both a financial supporter and a volunteer with PPAN."
-Joanna Rago, Loveland Resident

"In order to enhance the collective benefits of our work, partnering and collaboration is essential. One such valuable partner in the community Audubon Rockies has enjoyed working with over the years is PPAN. Together we are exploring innovative ways in which we can protect our pollinators. From workshops to serving on a coalition together PPAN is spearheading the way in how we protect pollinators. Thanks for all you do!"
-Jamie Weiss, Audubon Rockies


People and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN) works across Colorado to promote sustainable land management practices, safeguard public health, and preserve biodiversity by fostering a strong movement to build community awareness, change policies and support best practices in the use of chemical pesticides and pollinator friendly habitat management.

Background Statement

In 2014, a group of community activists concerned about public policy around pesticide use and the lack of accurate public information about pesticides, came together to work within Colorado for the protection of pollinators. They took on big issues statewide that threatened the health of pollinators, the sustainability of Colorado agriculture and the wellbeing of Colorado communities. That same year PPAN formed, giving voice to pollinators for the first time in the history of the Colorado State Legislature. In our first year, we helped to establish lasting improvements to the oversight and regulation of pesticide application and laid a foundation for a more ambitious reform in the future. In our short history, we've:

• Successfully advocated for new rules for Colorado's Pesticide Applicators' Act, which governs the Pesticide Advisory Committee, to mandate the inclusion of beekeepers and organic farmers and to create requirements informing the public of actions taken against workers who violate pesticide application rules (2015)

• Created and continue to create training opportunities for government and commercial pesticide applicators (2015-present)

• Championed a state resolution designating I-76 as Colorado's first pollinator highway (2017) and launched the pilot planting project in 2018. Our partnership with CDOT continues with new pollinator plantings along Hwy 119 (2021).

• Helped to pass Pollinator Resolutions in 10 CO governments to date (City of Boulder, Boulder County, City of Lafayette, City of Longmont, City of Denver, Town of Berthoud, City of Cherry Hills Village, City of Loveland, Larimer County & Town of Carbondale)

• Recruited 2,400 individuals and businesses to take our pollinator-safe pledge to use pollinator-safe practices on their properties

• Co-created and co-host the annual Colorado Pollinator Summit (2015-2023) with Denver Botanic Gardens and The Butterfly Pavilion; and co-lead the Colorado Pollinator Network

Worked with the Department of Natural Resources to spearhead a new, comprehensive pollinator policy for state lands (2018)

• Worked with Governors Hickenlooper and Polis to designate June as Colorado Pollinator Month (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023)

• Co-created (with the Clean Label Project) Colorado's first environmental health coalition focused on the environmental and human health nexus (2019)

• Introduced Colorado's first bill (SB20-189) to repeal state preemption of pesticide use-authorizing local governments to regulate pesticide use and application (2020)

• Co-hosted, with Beyond Pesticides, two organic turf pilot projects in the City of Longmont to transition conventionally-managed parks to organic (2019)

• Launched the CO Environmental Health (2019) and Native Landscaping Coalitions (2020)

• Championed and helped to pass the new Colorado Pollinator License Plate bill (2021)-sales of which will support vital pollinator conservation and advocacy programs across the state

• Introduced Colorado’s first omnibus Pollinator & Human Health bill (SB22-131), which sought solutions to protect children’s health, preserve pollinator biodiversity, and allow local communities to make decisions about pesticide use (2022)

• Championed and helped to pass Colorado’s first Native Pollinating Insects Protection Study bill (SB22-199), which will be critical in making informed conservation decisions about the protection of Colorado's native pollinators (2022)

• Launched our Protect our Pollinators Habitat Fund, a small grants program that awards money to support the creation of new, safe, pollinator habitat in the state, with an eye toward prioritizing projects that have a justice and equity component (among other criteria) (2023)

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