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imagine.. your big canine tooth is broken, exposing the root. Every sip of water, every touch with your tongue is horribly painful.

now imagine... you can't speak, can't pick up the phone to call a dentist. All you can do is suffer in silence until someone notices.

PEIVDF provides advanced veterinary dental care to exotic animals residing in sanctuaries, shelters, and zoos worldwide. We need your help to continue our work so that these animals can live happier, healthier, pain-free lives.


From Wild Animal Sanctuary (WAS), after working on ColoColo, Pancho and Temuco: "I just wanted to let you know how great all the boys have been doing. They all are thriving, eating well & happy as can be. Temuco's eye has even opened up a bit since getting that canine out & both are putting on weight now & eating up a storm."

ColoColo was noted as being one of the most ill-tempered lions Animal Defenders International had ever met. After his dental work, WAS reported, "ColoColo runs around now every day we go up to let them outside & acts like a kitten." "We truly appreciate all that you guys have done for these animals & from all of us."

From Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in AR: "The people from the Peter Emily Foundation are fantastic. I cannot say enough about them. They are really making a difference in animals lives all over the world. We are proud to have them at the refuge."

From Lion's Gate Sanctuary in Agate CO: "Chaska is up and around and happily eating his food stuffed with antibiotics. We are forever grateful to you... You are like angels that just dropped down from heaven. "

From Houston Zoo: "We had a wonderful time with your team. They are a truly amazing group of people. And of course we cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you provided to our animals."

From the Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot ND: "Kiota is great. Thank you again so much for everything you both did for us! We will not forget it."


Our mission is to provide life improving advanced veterinary dental care and treatment to exotic animals located in US (and in the future, overseas) captive animal facilities and animal sanctuaries, which are under funded and/or understaffed from a veterinary perspective. Please visit our Tuition for Missions page for more information. Through these missions, we are also increasing the availability of veterinary dental education through hands-on learning opportunities.

Background Statement

The Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation (PEIVDF) was founded in 2005 as a private charitable foundation. Dr. Peter Emily, DDS, Hon AVDC AVD, donated the initial funds which formed the private foundation in order to continue his life's work promoting the oral and dental health of domestic and captive animals around the world.

In early 2009, the board of the private foundation realized that in order for us to achieve our goals, raising additional funds needed to become a priority. As a result, on June 23, 2009 PEIVDF was incorporated and recognized by the IRS as a public charity. PEIVDF will focus on the operational side - fundraising, conducting missions, and by these activities, ensuring that there is a continuous supply of qualified practitioners willing and able to provide veterinary dental services to captive animals.

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