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North Littleton Promise (NLP) builds relationships with immigrant kids and their families through after school and summer programs. NLP is nurturing a community in Littleton where every member is growing in our three priorities: Faith, Education and Leadership. Give today and join our family!


A middle school student named Edy has attended NLP programs and played soccer for many years. Earlier this semester, his mother approached NLP staff to share some concerns about Edy's grades in middle school. While he is bright and respectful, he was not understanding some of his work, and was not always properly motivated or organized to keep up with his assignments. In addition to that, some issues in the home were making it difficult for Edy to get adequate sleep or uninterrupted time to work on homework. As a result, Edy's grades had slipped considerably (mostly C's with a couple of D's and F's).

The NLP staff members worked with Edy's mother to develop a plan including a system of expectations and consequences to help Edy get caught up on his assignments and move forward. NLP helped Edy's mom check the parent portal regularly and composed emails to each of his teachers to see what could be done about his poor grades. The staff member also picked Edy up from school at least once/week to tutor him in math and ensure that he was getting caught up in his other classes.

The result of this collaborative effort is that Edy finished his semester with all A's and B's! The parents are thrilled, and there is a new academic expectation in the home at a critical time, as Edy will be attending high school next year.

Danny began 3rd grade reading at a first grade level. NLP staff met with his teacher and his father in the fall to collaborate on how best to help him succeed. Six months later, his teacher reported that he was reading at a 3rd grade level and attributes much of his success to his parents' involvement and his regular attendance at NLP's Kids Club! Danny now reads daily at home and is so excited by his progress. When he finishes his homework in class, he still wants to bring it to Kids Club to show his leaders and verify that his answers are correct. The success he experienced has encouraged him to work even harder and keep improving.


North Littleton Promise builds life-giving relationships with immigrant kids and their families to foster faith, education, and leadership in Christ-centered community.

Background Statement

In 2004, a group of neighbors in suburban Littleton, seeking to address the suburbanization of poverty, identified a community in northeast Littleton that had a prevalence of gang involvement, truancy, and teen pregnancy. Wishing to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors, the group decided to start an after-school kids club out of an apartment right in that neighborhood. Soon, they outgrew the apartment and partnered with a neighborhood church for a new space. In 2005, the organization formally incorporated as a nonprofit, North Littleton Promise (NLP). During its first few years, NLP developed youth clubs, as well as a boys soccer team. Additionally, a local mentoring organization, Save Our Youth, partnered with NLP to offer mentorship to the kids in North Littleton.

For nearly 20 years, NLP has invested in this community, building relationships, providing support, and putting action to the commission “Love thy neighbor”. Today, NLP's mission is to build life-giving relationships with immigrant kids and their families to foster faith, education, and leadership in Christ-centered community. The key components of NLP's programs - Faith, Education, and Leadership - are woven throughout its programs. NLP strives for students to perform at or above grade level and offers extracurricular opportunities for personal growth and development.

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