Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission

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The majority of dogs that you see available for adoption with MHLRM were previously in county pounds or shelters that find themselves at capacity and are forced to euthanize, or dogs that have simply "sat on the shelf" and not gotten adopted quick enough and have run out of time.


We are so happy we have Maggie in our lives! Without MHLRM she would have died in a Texas shelter. It's because of the incredible volunteers that is is a member of our family! -Delaney

Just adopted a beautiful lab mix from Mile High Lab Mission. We have a new forever friend because of their work. Bravo! -Jeanette

We absolutely love working with Mile High Lab Mission! They are amazing with their health guarantee.. we adopted a 10-week chocolate male and he has blended so well with our family. I have had nothing but support from the two women (Kate & Brooke) that I have been in contact with. My puppy's foster mom and I text daily, and I give her updates on how he's doing. It is an absolutely amazing feeling to be part of something that is actually saving lives. I feel like I am now a part of the Mile High Lab Mission family and would love to become a foster mom once my kids grow up & leave the nest ???? -Brianna

A Labrador was dumped in my neighborhood in 2018, he walked right into my garage and into my heart. Unfortunately, I could not keep him, but I did not want him to go to a shelter. So I took him in until I could find a family for him. I didn't have to look far because Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission stepped in and offered to find him his forever home. They had him in a wonderful foster home, he made lots of friends both human and animal. Then MHLRM was able to find him the perfect forever home. He now lives with a loving family in Colorado, he has a best friend who loves him and snuggles with him, he gets to go on hikes, play ball, and play in the snow. He gets to do all the things he never got to do before and he is living his best life. I couldn't think of a more perfect life for him and I couldn't be more thankful for MHLRM for taking him in, loving him, and finding him his perfect home. Because of MHLRM I have a new very high respect for rescues and fostering. I never knew the joys of a rescue and I will continue to share the joy they've given me with everyone I know. I cannot express how amazing they are and how happy I am for him. Thank you MHLRM! -Courtney


The Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission, (MHLRM), a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, is dedicated to alleviating the needless death and suffering of homeless or misplaced (lost and stray) purebred Labrador Retrievers as well as Labrador mixes mostly in high-kill overpopulated pet areas that typically are out of state. By rescuing and rehabilitating homeless Labradors in high-kill areas, vigorously promoting responsible dog ownership through active participation in pet-related events, and through our own education program, we strive for a better life for each of our animals.

Background Statement

We are active in the metro areas of Colorado and Texas, and we belong to an amazing network of volunteers across the country that have worked hard in very rural areas to help get Labradors to safety since 2009. We have rescued Labs and lab mixes from Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming to name a few.

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Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission

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