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Our mission is to improve people’s health and save lives by providing clean water, nourishing food and medical supplies to those in need.  

Imagine your only source for water is a highly contaminated water source filled with potentially hazardous levels of PFAS, toxic “forever chemicals” linked to a slew of health problems. Imagine having to drink, cook and bathe with this water.

Imagine not having the economic means or access to provide even one meal a day and that the meager meal is little more than rice, potatoes, pasta or beans, at best. Malnourishment is a breeding ground for underdeveloped bodies and brains among the poor and marginalized and doesn’t provide the energy needed for sustained healthy growth or even the energy to function physically and cognitively.

Hunger and Contaminated Drinking Water exist daily in Colorado. A recent statewide survey found that 1 in 3 (33%) of Coloradans are food insecure, meaning they lack reliable access to nutritious food. Though this rate is down from the December survey, this is still a historical high for Colorado. 

Many families who live in mobile home communities or areas with old lead water pipes may be impacted by contaminated drinking water. According to 
Conrad Swanson of the Denver Post, “more than a hundred drinking water sources across Colorado — ranging from cities and counties to elementary schools and campgrounds — contain what are now considered to be potentially hazardous levels of PFAS, toxic “forever chemicals” linked to a slew of health problems, data from 2020 shows. And many more drinking water sources across the state are probably similarly contaminated but haven’t yet been tested, experts say, which is cause for concern and immediate action.”

First-Impact is here to provide nutritious food and clean water to residents and non-profit organizations who are serving record numbers of children, adults, including seniors, in their local communities, across the nation and around the world.

YOU can make an IMPACT today! At First-Impact, 100% of your donation goes to provide one or both of these basic services. Generous donors and primarily volunteers have teamed together so that your donation, small or large will make a direct and dollar-for-dollar impact to those who are most in need. 100% of your donation goes to those in need, not 90% or 70% as with many organizations.


"We greatly appreciate the donations from FIRST. The food is delicious and almost no one knows it's freeze-dried. Our community enjoys the orange drink every day. And, the 8' stainless steel tables were immediately put to good use in our kitchen. A special "thanks" to Patti and Kim for making these donations possible."
Don Nicholson, Emergency Services Director, Rescue Mission of Salt Lake

"Thank you for your company's donation, we appreciate the freeze-dried food, toilet paper and tent that FIRST donated to our food bank. They arrived at just the right time to help protect the employees and clients from the hot sun, it has been helpful to our community. El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank helps alleviate hunger in communities throughout the El Paso region. We are truly grateful for your gift and your partnership with the Food Bank."
Tom Cihonski, Chief Operations Officer, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank

"Kim Sasko and Patti Theil are great. And truly have a heart to assist in education and elimination of food insecurities."
Kevin Baker, Director Denver Food Services, Denver Rescue Mission

"People were very receptive to the polenta and it was a nice change of pace from some of the normal shelf stable dry goods items we tend to distribute. We would absolutely be interested in another donation. If possible, the same polenta would be fantastic."
Tommy Crosby, Food Access Manager, Metro Caring


To deliver healthy, nonperishable food, essential equipment and supplies to communities who have been devastated by hunger and/or natural disasters in coordination with food banks, food kitchens, schools, churches and disaster relief nonprofit partners.

Background Statement

Kim and Patti met in college when they pledged the same sorority at Indiana University. They found another commonality; they each had fathers who had lost long battles with cancer. Their shared compassion and empathy for others, their understanding of loss and being raised by single mothers, were the foundation for their friendship.

Fast forward to 2013, through private equity contacts, the two met the fund manager of a socially responsible investment called the Global Food Security Fund (GFSF). The fund was one of two connected to the Global Food Exchange (GFE) ( GFE was establishing an international prepared network and platform for sourcing extended shelf life freeze-dried food and other related disaster relief supplies.

The need for food and disaster relief supplies in the US is very real. In fact, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and recent hurricanes, the need has grown. After much research and discussions with nonprofits regarding food and disaster relief needs in the US, Kim and Patti decided to start a nonprofit to raise the funds necessary to get these nutritious food and disaster relief supplies out of storage and to nonprofit partners that will get them to people in need.

Huge benefits exist with these assets. First, the food was specifically designed for ease of use and with targeted calorie counts and specific ingredients to insure health and wellness were a top priority. It is freeze dried for longer shelf life and lighter weight, which means more people can be fed once reconstituted. All food is Kosher- and Halal- certified so it can be eaten without religious restrictions. Each cache contains water filtering jerry cans that can be used long after all the food has been rehydrated and eaten. Last, the supplies were packed strategically for quick deployment. A graphic instructional manual was designed to eliminate reading and can be easily understood in any language. Hot meals can be provided within 90 minutes of first opening.

Kim and Patti share a passion for ensuring that these nutritious foods and disaster relief supplies are delivered to non-profit partners who are actively serving communities in need. Since Covid-19, the cost of food and shipping continues to increase and the demand for food and supplies is also increasing. We are proud to offer culturally responsive and vegan food to the communities we serve. 2021 is the perfect time for FIRST to provide hearty meals. Their goal to find the best nonprofit partners in the country while raising the funds necessary to provide healthy food to those in need, motivates them every day!

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