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Please help us reach our $15,000 goal! CHBA has provided quality after-school music instruction to students in the Greater Denver area for 68 years, nurturing a love of music and fostering their confidence and growth. Donations help keep our tuition low to serve the maximum number of students.


Colorado Honor Band is grateful and honored to be part of Colorado Gives.

At CHBA, we value music education with the knowledge that playing an instrument in a band encourages artistic expression, enhances brain development, builds a strong work ethic, fosters teamwork, and boosts self-confidence.

Please consider donating to help us continue to be a positive, nurturing influence in the lives of thousands of young musicians.


"CHBA provides young people the opportunity develop not only their musical ability, but also to develop essential life skills including commitment to a group program of sustained duration, individual initiative and a solid work ethic in undertaking practice of their instrument and working through musical theory, and real life experience at time management. In addition, CHBA brings the opportunity for young people to make instrumental music a sustained part of their life when this opportunity is disappearing from public education."

Kevin Corbett, Parent of CHBA Alumnus

"My son is a musician, always has been and always will be. His years in CHBA were profound. He became skillful in the art of musicianship as well as the art of being a human being. He was mentored in CHBA with honesty and caring, traits he carries with him today in his world of making a living by making music. He discovered the beginnings of his true soul in CHBA - and he will forever embody the spirit of passion, nourished by the heart and mission of CHBA."

Dr. Mary Maguire, CHBA Alumna, Parent of CHBA Alumnus and Board President

"Dedication, excellence, responsibility, confidence, and discipline. These are a few of the many things that I learned while playing French Horn with the Colorado Honor Band for eight years. I have many fond memories of my childhood and teenage years and the majority of them are from my experiences with CHBA. I made lifelong friends and became an independent and confident person thanks to the opportunities that CHBA opened for me. From summer camp to weekly rehearsals to international tours across Europe, I can't imagine growing up without the Colorado Honor Band in my life."

Courtney Walsh, CHBA Alumna & Past Board President

"My years as a CHBA student are at the core of who I am today. Through my experiences with CHBA-playing in each band from Beginning to Symphony Winds, being a camp counselor and cook (!), teaching beginners-I learned about discipline, leadership, and the value of working effectively with others. These are the skills that have stayed with me to this day and have brought me success as an adult. When I reflect on my "growing up years" and having good times, CHBA is front and center; I have maintained many of my CHBA friendships for more than 25 years."

Julie Zinn, CHBA Alumna

"The directors in CHBA really go beyond the role of the typical band director, and they are a large reason for my decision to become a band director myself. They are willing to stay after rehearsal and talk about anything-school band, my plans for the future, or simply a concert I went to the week before. Each rehearsal, we can see that they love being here just as much as we do. Their passion and involvement is inspirational."

Sheridan Monroe, CHBA Alumna

"CHBA teaches each of its members that one's individual nourishment is part and parcel with playing a role in healthy community. To this day, a vital part of my well-being-my daily nourishment-comes from music. I listen to it. I play it. I teach it. As an Honor Band student, I learned that music, when taught effectively and passionately, can transcend boundaries of language, race, and age. The Honor Band also never allowed me to lose sight of the fact that learning and playing music with others is, at its core, fun."

Caleb Dance, CHBA Alumnus


Colorado Honor Band Association's mission is to provide an inclusive instrumental music program that promotes youth development, fosters peer camaraderie, instills respect for culture, and develops a pursuit of excellence.

Background Statement

Colorado Honor Band Association (CHBA) has been committed to providing exceptional instrumental music education for young people since 1953. Founded by music educator Bill Thompson, the program started as a single six-piece band and later split into two separate forty-member ensembles called the Denverettes and the Denveraires.

Now operating under the name Colorado Honor Band Association, our program features four full concert bands and a comprehensive music curriculum designed to cultivate perseverance, self-motivation, leadership, and a commitment to excellence.

Over 200 students between the ages of 9 and 18 participate in workshops, summer camps, and performances in addition to weekly rehearsals, master classes, and individual coaching.

Students are placed in bands according to ability instead of age, and challenged to progress to their highest musical potential.

High teacher-student ratios in our classes allow us to uphold high educational standards and to respond to individual learning styles.

Over the years, our high-quality groups have been invited to perform at a variety of national and international events, venues, and music conventions.

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