The Children's Speech and Reading Center

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Help ensure that all children in Northern Colorado have access to the speech-language therapy needed for developmental, academic and social success.


Wally - Email from Wally's mother: I am so excited that I had to share this with you....Wally read a couple chapters from the Frog and Toad series last night sooooo fluently! I cried! He is so proud, hopeful, encouraged and ambitious about his new found skill. He wants to read the entire series now! Wow! Thank you so much. Wally's Mother

Talia - Talia is a 3 1/2 year old girl that was evaluated diagnosed with a mixed articulation and language delay and childhood apraxia of speech. Talia was non verbal when she arrived at CSRC. "Talia has received a scholarship for the last few months and it's meant the world to us! She's gone from not speaking at all to forming basic sentences. Thank you for your support and the positive impact in our lives!" Talia's parents. After just six months of attending speech-language services at CSRC, Talia went from being non-verbal to speaking in 3 - 5 word sentences.

Corey - Corey is 5 years old, loves puppies, and is funded by the CSRC sliding scale fee structure. Corey's older brother also came to CSRC and started therapy in June 2011. He met his goals in September 2012 and was discharged. Corey started therapy in February 2016. He was completely nonverbal. CSRC started an iPAD loaner program in 2016 and Corey was the first child to receive an iPAD in our loaner program.

"Corey has been going to CSRC for almost two years. In that time, his ability to communicate with words has improved, but his frustration with other people understanding him became an issue, especially at school. Sarah suggested using a dedicated speech device. We were hesitant at first, concerned it would be more of a crutch, more a distraction than a tool. We couldn't have been more wrong. With the device, an iPAD that CSRC lent our family, Corey's confidence has grown dramatically. He navigates the apps with ease, using it to ask questions and practice animal names, numbers and family member names. We can ask him questions, ask his opinion on dinner, playtime or places to go. He is relieved that people understand him.

We are happy, he is happy. Thank you so much to CSRC for giving Corey every opportunity to succeed with speech." Corey's Mother


Our mission is to serve all children with affordable therapy for speech-language, early literacy, and reading challenges to build a foundation so that they may reach their full academic, social, and developmental potential.

Background Statement

Children's Speech and Reading Center began as a small, reduced-fee service in 1993, when CSU closed the speech and audiology graduate program and clinic. For the past 30 years, the Children's Speech & Reading Center, is the only 501c3 non-profit organization in Northern Colorado that provides free screening and treatment service to children with speech, language or reading delays. We engage families and community resources in the development of communication skills that are critical to academic performance, social development and life success.

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