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Chaffee Housing Trust (CHT) is a local nonprofit that partners with developers and the local government to build affordable homes for qualified buyers. CHT aims to provide housing opportunities for low and moderate income Chaffee and Lake County residents by following the Community Land Trust (CLT) model. CHT provides stewarding for housing, bilingual homebuyer readiness group education and bilingual one-on-one counseling and coaching services to educate future homeowners. CHT homes serve the community by giving families the stability and asset-building benefit of homeownership.

We are grateful for all our donors who believe in Chaffee Housing Trust as a fundamental piece for a better, happier and healthier community. We have the passion, know-how, and experience. Your support makes our vision possible and rewarding!

VISION: All Chaffee and Lake County residents and workers can choose to live in homes they own and work in the community with the full benefits and responsibilities of participation in the social, economic, and political fabric.


  • Stewardship: We are committed to maintaining community control of the land, for the benefit of the people and our communities, not only for the current generation but for all that will come after.
  • Equity: Everyone should have a fair and just opportunity through homeownership to create inter-generational wealth and to receive the economic, social and health benefits that come with stable homeownership.
  • Dignity:  We recognize that every member of our community should be treated with respect throughout every interaction they have with the Chaffee Housing Trust. 
  • Community:  People should have a safe and inclusive place to live. We are committed to growing an economically diverse, prosperous, and sustainable community.

Bilingual Services

The Chaffee Housing Trust (CHT) Homeownership Program provides bilingual services targeting local residents who aspire to homeownership. Our program leverages the Spanish language capacity of CHT Staff with a bilingual curriculum and educational content tailored to the local need. All material, intake information, and counseling efforts are available in Spanish. At times, the homeownership journey can be confusing and overwhelming. Therefore, by communicating effectively with families in their native language, the CHT staff can build trust and establish strong relationships while helping families better understand the homeownership process and learn about their concerns and needs. The CHT staff's interpretation and translation skills are a critical component of the management team by adjusting outreach programs and community partnerships to make the services more accessible to all communities regardless of their native language.


Homeowners Testimonials:

  • “Thank you for everything you do. CHT is truly making a difference during the housing crisis. While many programs aim to make living in this valley attainable, the Chaffee Housing Trust is where the "rubber meets the road."
  • “This has been an amazing experience, I never felt ignored or alone. Communication is always open, even 3 years later I still have questions and CHT always responds. I am truly grateful for Chaffee Housing Trust and what they are doing for the community."
  • “This program is positively changing people's lives and helping build a healthy community.”
  • “I feel an exhale to know that I am safe within a place that is not going to sell or go up in rent."
  • “It’s been nice to be able to express myself creatively in my space; whereas, with renting, you’re really not allowed to paint, put up shelves or install any permanent fixtures."
  • “This program changed my life. I was able to leave a situation and start my life new.”

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Providing responsible community development by providing affordable and sustainable homeownership and rentals to qualifying residents.

Background Statement

Founded in 2007, the Chaffee Housing Trust’s (CHT) mission is to promote responsible community development by providing affordable and sustainable home ownership to qualifying residents. Local stakeholders initiated the creation of the CHT to combat increasing gentrification and unaffordability of local housing, specifically for low-income residents and workers. The CHT operates as a Community Land Trust (CLT) to provide shared-equity homeownership so that low and moderate income households can build and pass on inter-generational wealth. Households that are not yet ready to buy, but are working towards that goal, receive one-on-one counseling and coaching services. The CHT provides the community with long-term stewardship of affordable homes in its portfolio. The CHT has been designated as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) six times by the Colorado Division of Housing.

In 2018, the CHT built 8 affordable homes in Salida. Same year, the CHT partnered with Fading West to broker the purchase of similar 6 affordable townhomes in Buena Vista. In 2021, the CHT extended its service area to neighboring Lake County. In 2022, the CHT built 8 additional affordable homes in Salida. The CHT is in the process of completing 5 more affordable homes in Salida and partnered with West End to broker the purchase of 6 homes in Salida to be ready by the end of 2024.

Currently, the CHT has 21 successful homeowners, one renter and 6 families under contract. The CHT is in a growth stage as production of homes has increased along with homebuyer interest. The CHT has demonstrated success at providing affordable homeownership to low and moderate income households and stewarding their long-term affordability, as well as building client self-sustainability through financial education and counseling.

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