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Please support Centus Counseling provide high quality counseling service for all in need. Centus provides individual, couples and family therapy for conditions such as depression, anxiety and trauma. We consider body, mind, spirit and community as powerful influences to help people grow and change.


Dear Centus,

I want you to know my Centus story so that you know how valuable you are to at least one family.
I am 28 years old, am married and have a beautiful son. Things are pretty good now - especially since I got a new job. My story begins with my mom who goes to church that has a Centus office. Nearly two years ago I was probably one of the happiest women alive. We had just had our first child and our hopes and dreams had come true.

When I was first asked to speak at the luncheon I was happy to do so because I wanted to give something back. Later, when I started to think about what I was going to say I nearly chickended out. Thinking about the time I needed help reminded me of how desperate I was . Actually it was "we" who needed help. Both. my husband and I . After our son was born, we were unbelieveably happy. We did not have much money. I was on WIC but my husband had a job and we were making it so that I could stay home.
Then things got very stressful all of a sudden. My husband lost his job. I have family in town and they pitched in right away. But my husband seemed to go down hill. We both have had drug and alcohol issues in the past but didn't at that point. Then my husband started using a lot. I was angry about that but really felt bad about his job and didn't really know how to talk to him about it. I was just angry. Within a couple of days the great love and happiness turned to anger and I became nervous all of the time. I cried a lot most of the day. I felt disconnected from my son and that really made me feel guilt. It was more than a week before I told my mom how bad it was. She helped me right away. We tried to get a counselor through my WIC but I could not get an appointment for 6 weeks. Then a lady at my mom's church told her about Centus. I was afraid to call, not only for myself but because my husband did not want to go and I thought he needed it more than I did. My mom made the first call then I talked to Centus. They put me with a counselor on the phone that day and I had an appointment two days later. The counselor said not to worry about getting my husband there for the first appointment so I didn't.
I went to a different Centus church where my counselor was which was closer to home. I cried the whole time the first and second appointment. I was seen on a sliding scale. Otherwise I would not have been able to go because my WIC did not cover it and we did not have insurance.
I learned that is ok to not always feel great about being a mom even though you love your child. I learned that many moms feel angry and upset, especially in the first year. I was encouraged to discuss this with my ob doctor. I did and eventually I went on medication which has made a huge difference. I am certain that I would not be coping well at all if this did not happen.

Soon my husband came to counseling. His background is really different than mine and it didn't make a difference before we became parents. The counselor helped us to see that the differences could make our parenting better if we tried . I thought it would destroy us. We talked about a lot that we didn't have courage to talk about before and then we started to get better together. This gave us both hope and encouragement. Our Counselor was very patient and positive. She suggested I get into a mommy group. I did that and have many mommy friends and don't have to rely so much on my own mom now.
When I couldn't' t pay at all for two times, Centus allowed me to gradually pay back. We stayed for about six months. We still have problems. Some are severe. But, we have returned to feeling mostly normal and I think our marriage is going to work. We are working on it every day. I know we can come back to counseling when we need it . This time though, I will be able to pay for it with insurance. I am starting a new job Monday , with benefits. That is why I can not be there with you today.
Please keep up the sliding fee scale for those who need it. I hope all who use it will have as much help as we did. It's time to put my son to bed. He is now almost two and really wild.

Thank you Centus, from the bottom of my heart.

(former Centus client)


The Centus mission:

To provide a top-tier network of behavioral health services, education, and programs.

To integrate each client's questions and concerns about the physical, behavioral, and spiritual self.

To champion hopeful and healthy living


Background Statement

Centus Counseling, Consulting & Education (Centus) was established in 1982 as the Samaritan Counseling Center of Denver. The name was changed to Centus in 2006. Since our founding, Centus has been focused on providing affordable and accessible quality mental health care integrating the mind, body, spirit, and community with the traditional practice of counseling and psychotherapy.

Today Centus has 16 outpatient counseling sites, and 3 school sites in 9 counties in and around metro Denver and will provide 15,000 counseling, evaluation and testing hours in 2019. Centus continues to provide a sliding fee scale for people who are not insured. In addition Centus has launched Tele-Behavioral Health services, and Community and Home Based services.

Integrative Counseling

Centus was the first organization in Denver to offer an integrated approach to traditional mental health counseling. Today it remains a thought and practice leader in integration of body, mind, spirit and community. Centus is unique in sustaining a network of licensed professional therapists that regularly and consistently collaborate to provide the fullest range of perspective, expertise and service available in the metro area.


The Solihten Institute accredits Centus, the international office for an association of professional counseling Centers located throughout the United States. Centus adheres to The Institute's nationally recognized mandated standards for high quality counseling that integrates mind, body, spirit and community. This includes assurance that all Centus therapists are found to be in good standing with the Colorado State Department of Regulatory Agencies. Centus therapists spend time each month in professional development, in-service training, and case study and peer review. All therapists are reviewed annually.

Access: Location and Affordability

Local faith communities are highly supportive by donating office space and making referrals into the Centus system. Currently Centus has 16 satellite offices in Partner Congregations spread across the greater metro area of Denver. These congregations also utilize consultation and educational services offered by Centus.

Centus provides an adjusted fee scale for clients who are not insured or who are underinsured. This enables clients to receive subsidizes for necessary clinical services. This year Centus will raise approximately 15% of its operating budget to provide vital behavioral healthcare services.

Service Provision

This year Centus will provide nearly 15,000 hours of counseling. We accept all major insurance coverage, Medicaid and Medicare, Tri - Care and Tri-West.

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Centus Counseling, Consulting, and Education

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