Colorado Center on Law and Policy

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Our Mission

To stand with diverse communities across Colorado in the fight against poverty through research and policy analysis, legislative and legal advocacy and coalition building. We advocate to remove barriers that prevent Coloradans from meeting their basic needs and becoming self-sufficient.

Our Vision

We envision a Colorado where everyone has what they need to succeed.

Our Core Values


The barriers to success are higher for certain groups due to historical oppression, ongoing discrimination and an economy that advantages those who have more over those who have less. We advance laws and policies that address those wrongs so everyone can have what they need to succeed.


The design and implementation of solutions to social problems requires careful planning and community trust. We are deliberate and ethical in our work to ensure the results are reliable, unbiased, grounded in fact and driven by our mission to end poverty.

Strategic Advocacy

Creating lasting social change requires successful implementation of effective policy. We use collaboration and research to inform our agenda and legislative and legal expertise, relationships with decision-makers and informed political strategies to advance and implement that agenda.


We are one part of a broader effort to eliminate poverty and ensure everyone has what they need to succeed. We stand with that anti-poverty movement and honor the combined strength that comes from trusted relationships, shared knowledge and teamwork.

Community Engagement

People burdened by poverty and discrimination know what needs to change. We seek to understand their ideas, honor their priorities, grow their leadership and increase their access to drive system change.


Colorado Center on Law and Policy stands with diverse communities across Colorado in the fight against poverty through research, legislation and legal advocacy.

Background Statement

Colorado Center on Law and Policy advocates to promote and advance economic security and access to health care for low-income Coloradans.

CCLP works with key policy stakeholders on economic security, health care, affordable housing, access to food, and other critical issues like access to justice for immigrant communities and criminal justice work.

Whether we are advocating for increasing access to child care assistance, removing barriers to employment, assuring vital resources are available to people in times of need, or ensuring that Colorado's health care system works for everyone, CCLP has been an active organization of change for over 20 years.

CCLP's staff combines their knowledge of public policy, in-depth research, and legal advocacy to address the aspects of Colorado's economy, government, and health care system that prevent people from getting ahead.

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