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We have now served over 77,000 boys and girls and their families across the state of Colorado. We provide in-home and community-based services for kids and families. As a donor, you can be proud that your generosity helps change the lives and futures of the children, youth, and families we serve.


Kira (18) was referred to our home-based services program to support her in earning custody of her ten month-old son, who had been living with his paternal grandmother since he was around one-month old. The department of social services became involved after concerns that Kira was using marijuana. Kira voluntarily allowed her paternal grandmother to care for her son until she was more equipped to care for him. When we began working with Kira, it was apparent that she had innate parenting abilities and was very loving and nurturing towards her son. Our staff helped build upon some of Kira's natural skills, maintain a sober lifestyle, and helped her strengthen her confidence. Kira was often overwhelmed by the involvement and expectations of the department of human services so we were able to help her navigate this and break down the barriers. Our staff member working with Kira was a strong advocate for her by sharing Kira's tremendous progress and helping extend her parenting time with her son, something she was hesitant to explore for fear of rejection. After a several months, Kira was able to begin over-night visits with her son and was provided with a tentative date of when her son could return to her care. In addition, to help strengthening Kira's parenting skills, our staff supported her through various disappointments and struggles within her family, and helping her increase her independent living skills.

Amy and Cassy (11 and 6) and grandma were scared, their lives in turmoil since mom's arrest and removal from the home. We provided in-home support and structure, therapy and school coordination to the children, grandma and mom who has successfully returned home and is going to college. The family is again stable. The girls are having sleep overs with their friends!

Josh (4) and Penny (2) and their parents were referred to our home-based services program by county child welfare due to child endangerment, dependency and neglect. Here's the story - mom requested emergency services after finding Penny unresponsive and bluish colored in her crib. A febrile seizure had occurred. The emergency medical staff found the home to be
"horrendous with urine and feces stains" plus a "broken play pen, cigarette smoke, stains and dirty dishes". The county then requested our help. We immediately addressed the unsanitary condition of the home, began teaching basic parenting skills and coordinated various support services. Six months later the parents are both working and the home is clean. Josh and Penny are in good daycare settings.

David (13) was struggling with finding the motivation to go to school in the morning and was participating in risky behaviors due to peer pressure. David had difficulty communicating his frustrations, anxieties, and anger in a healthy way with his peers, teachers, and his family. He felt out of control and needed help to find out what he truly valued in his life and what he wanted his future to look like. By working with a Specialized Mentor, David learned about his unique strengths, set personal goals, and learned how his strengths could help him achieve his goals. He improved his ability to make decisions based on his own needs and set appropriate boundaries with his peers so he was less susceptible to their pressure. David's communication skills also drastically improved as he gained a significant amount of insight into his strengths and working areas related to communication with others. By the end of his mentorship, David was attending school regularly and reported feelings of hope for his future, stating "I finally understand what type of person I want to be!"

Isabelle (15) was a closed off teen with a history of trauma who had bounced from foster home to foster home. With presenting mental health and behavioral concerns along with a fear of trusting anyone, she needed someone she could count on. We were called to provide animal assisted therapy. The therapist and her dog, Sully, came every week for three years to help, and Isabelle slowly started to open up. Now, Isabelle is a confident young lady that has learned relationships can help you heal, as well as a student in a public high school, and she has been adopted into a loving and supportive family. Way to go Isabelle!

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Our mission is to provide troubled youth with the means to become hopeful and productive citizens. To achieve this mission we serve, help, assist, and inspire.

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Our STORY began in 1959 when the organization was incorporated as Colorado Boys Ranch Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit entity. The organization has since served over 77,000 youth and their family members from Colorado and across the nation. Known as "CBR", the organization evolved over the next 50 years from a rural orphanage into a national, award winning residential treatment and education center for adolescent boys.

In 2012, the long-standing campus residential program was sadly discontinued.

Today, our expertise and resources are devoted to helping Colorado boys, girls, parents and families right in their homes, schools and local communities. Our modern name, CBR YouthConnect, was chosen to more clearly reflect what we do. "CBR" refers to our legacy. "Youth" refers to our focus. We "connect" them with the help and resources needed to become hopeful and productive citizens.

The LEGACY of the Colorado Boys Ranch Foundation continues to be our results, resilience and commitment to the mission of serving troubled youth with the highest of professional standards. For 60 years, the organization has successfully evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs, funding constraints and demands of our society. The organization continues to demonstrate that Caring Brings Results.

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CBR YouthConnect 12567 W. Cedar Drive, Suite 101
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