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Our goal is to have a positive impact on individuals thoughts and actions, and to help them improve their lives. Caring Canines' teams enable "those in need" to trust, relax and express their feelings, and learn to be compassionate when working with animals, which can transfer to humans.


Working with Caring Canines has been such a positive, supportive, valuable experience for the students I work with. My students struggle with severe and impairing mental health issues, extensive histories of trauma, and troublesome behavioral difficulties. Through experiential work with the Caring Canines' team, these students have found a safe place at school and a unique environment to work on their social and emotional goals. My students look forward to working with Caring Canines every week and tell me that on those days, after having that time with the dog, they feel happier and like life is more doable.  

~ Katy, School Social Worker

At our Youth Services Center for incarcerated teens, we have several teams of Caring Canines come into our facility.  This is an absolute highlight for the youth who are working with the canine team, however not only is that one youth impacted for that day, but seeing a smiling dog and handler makes each youth and staff's day a bit brighter.  The youth working with these canine teams are often working on social skills and emotional regulation and we have seen them grow in these areas through their interactions with the dog and handler teams.  I am so thankful we have access to this amazing and kind resource. 

~ Clinical Director 

Caring Canines teams have come to our school with their dogs for several years and have worked with us in providing very positive experiences for our students. The teams are great to work with, are very understanding and supportive of our students, and provide wonderful learning opportunities and enjoyment for our students. We have seen many positive benefits for our students in social, emotional, behavioral, and learning areas from interactions with Caring Canines teams.                                  

~ David, School Psychologist

We love working with Caring Canines at our school site! The Caring Canines' team that volunteers at our school is an incredible duo and they provide our students with a fun, caring, and safe environment to process and heal. Our staff members have wonderful things to say about the progress that is made in and out of the classroom for our students who see this Caring Canines' team! We have seen positive impact with some of our highest need students at our school regarding regulation, skill building, self-esteem, etc. Every school needs a Caring Canines' team like this one.               

~ School Counselor

When I’m broken into pieces, Oscar helps put me back together.              

~ Willow, Student

Your volunteer and her dog are a powerhouse duo!  She brings her compassion to every session.  She accepts the students right where they are at, and she offers kindness and understanding to them.  She often builds as close of a connection with the student as her dog does and that's saying a lot.  Her dog is the expert at building relationships.  Your volunteer truly knows what it means to provide support to children. Her experience has added to our collaboration when setting goals for students and evaluating progress. She is the ultimate professional and her ethics are uncompromising.                               

~ Mental Health Specialist

We appreciate you and your teams more than you know.  Your volunteer and her dog are amazing and the student and classroom community always feel the love when they are here!!!

~ School Counselor


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To enhance quality of life through therapeutic interventions with our caring canines, their owners, and professionals.

Background Statement

Georgia Granger, our founder, started Caring Canines, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in July of 2017.  Caring Canines is the latest chapter in her continuing mission to help people.

Georgia founded her first AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) organization in Tennessee in 1986, through which certified animal-assisted therapy dogs worked with professional therapists on treatment protocols that addressed challenges as varied as head trauma, elder issues, and autism.

Georgia founded her second AAT organization in 1993.  This organization grew to over 150 trained and supervised human-animal teams participating in over 60 separate programs, touching the lives of many including students, counselors, social workers, and teachers.

Her experience providing therapy dog services to schools, extended care facilities, correctional facilities, colleges for stress relief, and other clients for their specific needs is the foundation on which Caring Canines is built.

In January of 2021, Georgia Granger passed the Caring Canines program to Sylvia Stribling. Sylvia has worked with AAT/AAA programs for over 17 years. She knows that we all have stories to tell about how an animal has touched our lives, either in the smallest way or sometimes more profoundly. It is important to her that Caring Canines continues to bring comfort and happiness to those in our community who need it the most. Her goal is to build upon the wonderful legacy Georgia provided, working alongside our outstanding volunteers in pursuing the goals and objectives of Caring Canines. Since Sylvia became Director of Caring Canines, she has tripled the size of the program because the demand for our teams in schools and other facilities has more than doubled.

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