Senior Resources of Broomfield, Inc.

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$191,348 raised by 318 donors

Your donation to Senior Resources of Broomfield, SRB, helps funds our programs that support older adults in Broomfield County.

2022 Accomplishments

Nutrition Services

* Meals on Wheels served 68 clients with 6,120 meals.
* 48 clients received 208 meals following a hospital or rehab stay.
* 17 clients received free or reduced lunches at The Lakeshore cafe.
* SRB supported 943 Healthy Hearts Lunches.
* 126 older adults received a free birthday meal from SRB.
* 150 Blizzard Bags were provided to all Meals on Wheels clients and other older adults identified in need.

Total nutrition expenses for 2022 was $22,570

Community Resources
* 565 clients attended Special Events and Educational Programs.
* Easy Ride provided trips to 348 clients.
* 8 clients were provided In-Home services.
* 268 items were loaned to residents in need through the loan closet
* 15 clients were assisted with Special Needs.
Total expenses were $ 33,595 in 2022

SRB Supported These Programs with Funds from the Following Sources:
Private donors
Corporate donors
Broomfield Community Foundation
Service Groups
ARC Thrift Stores Vehicle Donation
Denver Regional Council of Governments
Rotary Club
Rotary Foundation

Giving Activity


(SRB) Senior Resources of Broomfield, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization, that strives to improve the quality of life for all older adults and their families living in Broomfield County. This is done through fund-raising, volunteerism, grants, advocacy, and representation of a diverse older population to the Area Agency on Aging and by raising public awareness about Broomfield's older adult issues.

SRB is focused on the nutritional, medical, and social needs of our 60+ population. Therefore, we direct our philanthropic efforts to the support of Meals on Wheels; transportation services; dental, vision, and hearing needs; in-home services; and public advocacy for older adults at the state and local levels.

Background Statement

Senior Resources of Broomfield, Inc. (SRB) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was established in 1982 to address the needs of Broomfield's older adults and their families. Initially, board members helped to bring HUD housing for the elderly and disabled to Broomfield. The original name was Broomfield Senior Housing, Inc.

Charter board members realized that housing was only the first of many senior services needed in the community. So the name was changed to Senior Resources of Broomfield, Inc., in order to reflect to reflect the need to develop new resources for seniors and also to encourage Seniors to utilize their own resources and skills through volunteer work to help establish new programs.

Through a grass-roots effort by citizens and board members, a van was donated and a driver was hired in 1984 to provide transportation for older adults. An Executive Director was hired in 1986 to develop new programs and services, and to increase volunteer and funding resources.

From the beginning, SRB members kept City officials and staff updated on their progress, and aware of needs of Seniors that would have to be addressed. In 1991, due to a bond issue publicly supported by SRB and eventually passed, the City built the senior center. The SRB, Executive Director, and senior volunteers solicited the help of people in the community, and raised over $200,000 to furnish the facility.

Today, both the City and SRB worked together in a unique partnership to create and provide a variety of services and programs for seniors in Broomfield. The City provides staff that supervises the day-to-day operations, administrative support, recreation programs, community resource services and outreach, and operates a door-to-door transportation program. SRB was and is today fiscally responsible for the Meals on Wheels and the Lakeshore Café lunch program, Volunteer Respite Care, Special Needs and Chore Services programs.

Senior Resources is also the designated DRCOG County Council for Aging for Broomfield County and is represented at the State level by a Board Member.

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