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In 2023, BackStory will make an essential move to expand its studio space and provide a co-use space for artists, families, and youth in our community. Our area has a distinct lack of affordable access space for groups, creatives, and performers and we hope to build a piece of the solution. Please see our STUDIO GIVING tab for more info and support our move!


"My daughter decided to audition for Back Story Theatre after hearing from multiple sources in our community that BackStory is a smaller, more intimate group where performers are supported to grow in a nurturing environment. So far, we have been impressed with the closeness and acceptance with such a wide age range of participants. Thank you for creating a positive environment. My daughter looks forward to rehearsals and is excited to be a part of this show."
-- Parent of BackStory Youth Theatre Participant

"I wanted to let you know how wonderful Mx. Adams has been and how much fun our daughter had! We are so excited to have found Backstory and we sincerely hope we get to work with Mx. Adams again. We will definitely be back for more theater as soon as possible. Thank you both for all your hard work and creativity in the midst of this global pandemic. It has been a bright spot for her day, and that means the world to us."
-- Parent of BackStory Theatre Academy Student

"Thank you! This was the highlight of my daughter's day! "
-- Parent of BackStory Theatre Academy Student

"Ms. Felicia, I just wanted to let you know that my child adores you and loves your class on Thursdays at 1:30. She asks about it all week and I think she likes it even more than her dance class (which is a huge compliment!). I see that she is really expressing herself. Thanks for brightening her day!"
-- Parent of BackStory Theatre Academy Student

"Thank you for working so diligently, and putting so much thought and care to come up with an alternate performance option for this group! We really appreciate it."
-- Parent of BackStory Theatre Academy Student following COVID-19 cancellations

"Thank you for inviting us to see Annie. Your shows are always impressive! Our third graders had a wonderful time. On the walk back to school, many students were singing, 'Tomorrow, tomorrow, your only a day a way!' Thank you!"
-- Aisha Galt, Teacher attending Annie with her students

"This was an amazing performance, and our students loved it so much. Thank you for inspiring their creativity! The Emerald third grade students and teachers greatly appreciated this opportunity!"
-- Sharon Trompeter, 3rd grade teacher from Emerald Elementary

"I love Mary Poppins! I want to be an actor when I grow up!!!"
"I want to read the Mary Poppins books."
"Wow, the students sure worked hard on their show!"
"When I saw my neighbor performing, it made me want to ask her about being in a play!"
"Can we go to another BackStory play this year?"
"We are so lucky we got to go. Thanks Back Story for inviting us!"
-- Quotes from Emerald 3rd grade students attending the performance

"We appreciate this opportunity so much every year! I have several students who've been on stage during these productions and it's surprising sometimes to see kids on stage that, from how they are in class, you would never imagine they'd be up there. [A prior student in the MaryPoppins cast] was in my class for 5th grade, and I'll never forget the first show we saw her in. I absolutely never would have known she had it in her to get up on stage like that; she was soquiet and shy in class."
-- From a conversation with a Kohl Elementary 5th grade teacher

"Our school has been privileged to attend the school performance of the BackStory Youth Theatre for the past 4 years (Willy Wonka, The Sound of Music, The Music Man, and Singing in the Rain). The students look forward to it each year. One of our low income students saw a play for the first time at the Broomfield Auditorium. She was so excited and impressed. She has many problems at home and often falls asleep in class. This is a highlight for her each year. Many of our other students are not accustomed to attending plays. One boy had never been in a theatre. They enjoy the question and answer session during intermission where they learn more about theatre and the way it works. One of our students is now enrolled in a summer class through BackStory because of the exposure through the free school program. Thanks so much for including Hyland Christian School!"
-- Attendee to Free Performance of Singin' in the Rain

"Thank you for inviting my third-grade students to see "Singin' In the Rain" on January 13, 2017. My students and I loved the performance. The student actors were so professional, the sets were amazing and the production was excellent. My students also loved being able to talk to the actors and ask questions about how they prepare for the production and what it's like to be on stage. We came back to the classroom singing the songs and the kids talked for many days about how awesome the show was...


To provide affordable access to arts education, performance and patron opportunities for children, adults, and families

Background Statement

BackStory enriches it's community through theatre by providing free theatre arts programs at schools and through other local organizations (food banks, centers for those without stable housing, lower income apartment communities, local libraries, etc.). By collaborating with local organizations, working with families to meet diverse or adaptive special needs of students or overcome financial barriers, and by making performances open to the public for free or at a cost as low as $5 per ticket, BackStory increases participation opportunities. BackStory continues to serve, in Broomfield, as a primary source for theatre education and performance with youth populations and has increased in popularity with families as well as patrons of all ages during its annual musical productions and with its Fantastic Family Theatre performances by kids, for kids.

As BackStory has grown, so has it's mission. In 2020, BackStory launched "Wellspring" - a separate service branch to provide authentically diverse and safe spaces for adults in our community. Through monthly meetups and its annual "CO New Musical Festival", Wellspring cultivates new performance art and gives emerging authors and composers an opportunity to develop their ideas for successful stage production.

Founder Anna Marie Wilcox conceived of BackStory in 2006 after recognizing a distinct lack of accessible performing arts opportunities in the Broomfield community where she lived with her family. With an extensive background in theatre education and production, Wilcox sought to establish an organization that would bring affordable performing arts classes and productions to all members of the community. Colorado non-profit status as BackStory Theatre was received on January 1, 2011 and federal 501(c)(3) status in November 2013. By 2015, rapid growth from 9 registrations in 2006 to over 800 at the end of 2014 lead to a process of restructuring, strategic planning, and capacity building in order to transition the organization from its roots as a small but successful sole-proprietorship to an organization with a strong and active board of directors, highly-qualified key leadership staff, and more capacity for growth. During that time and over a scheduled period, Wilcox moved from the area and stepped down from her position while an Artistic Director (now Executive Director) with experience in non-profit management was promoted from within the organization to lead the company through the transition and into next steps of sustainable development.

Since leadership transition in 2015/16, the Board of Directors and ED, Mary Wilkie, have focused on building community involvement, collaborations, and volunteer capacity while stabilizing growth in order to slowly build capacity over time. In 2018, BackStory moved into a leased studio space which has increased flexibility in scheduling and provides a needed home base for active students, including BackStory Youth Leadership Program (established in 2017) where older teen students are actively engaged in mentoring youth, serving the community, and facilitating even more affordable outlets for performance and free programming collaborations. In 2023, BackStory will once again make an important move to expand its studio space and provide a co-use space for artists, families, and youth in our community.

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