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The Art Students League of Denver offers high-quality arts education to artists of all ages and levels. We provide accessible arts programming throughout the Denver metro area and beyond, so that everyone in our community has access to creative exploration through art.


"I love going to teen studio night because it gives me space to work on my art while surrounded by a supportive and kind community that always makes me feel loved. It truly feels like one of the best places in this city." - Ellery, Teen Studio Night participant

"Working at ASLD has taught me the important role that art has to make changes for the good of the community, in my case the immigrant and Latino community. I love the freedom that I have as an artist and educator at ASLD to introduce, in my case, my art style and expertise in the Performance Art field and expressive art and how the staff at ASLD appreciate who I am as an immigrant and Latina artist." - Adriana Rondón-Rivero, ASLD Faculty

"ASLD is an amazing organization. They work tirelessly to bring beauty and art into our world especially at a time when the world is seeing the ugly side of a pandemic. They expand and cultivate the art community by providing a space for diversity, equity and inclusion, which I love. It is because of this, that they will always be a champion in the art community. They are an exhaustible resource of ultimate creativity." - Benu Amun-Ra, Student

"It was a fun way to connect with my creative side. It was stress-free and a great way to feel more like a human and less like an inmate." - Art in Prison Workshop Participant

"ASLD has allowed me to explore art in many different ways. Not only has it taught me to draw and paint, it has given me the opportunity to grow at my own pace. It has allowed me to have access to incredible artists on an ongoing basis to learn from them and get mentorship from them. ASLD has given me the space to decide how deeply I want to go as an artist." - Kenneth Brewer, Student & Board Member

"ASLD continues to be such a wellspring of artistic expression and learning for the whole community.  In particular, ASLD has continued to support my endeavors and offer me a chance to thrive through the interaction with other fabulous artists.  I appreciate all that the organization does and the future directions it is headed." - Bruce Zander, ASLD Donor

"I have received a great deal personally being a member at ASLD. As a result of my experience as a student, and a Life-Long Board member, I feel responsible for making sure this community gem survives so others can be as enriched by the gift of art as I have been." - Connie McArthur, Student & Lifetime Board Member


The Art Students League of Denver provides an inclusive art community where professional artists guide individuals of all abilities to reach their highest potential.

Background Statement

The Art Students League of Denver was founded in 1987 by a group of dedicated artists and arts enthusiasts. Modeled after the Art Students League of New York, ASLD first opened as a non-accredited fine art school with a philosophy of teaching based on a "master/apprentice" Atelier method in a variety of media.

The organization underwent major changes in 1992, when ASLD purchased the two historic Sherman School buildings and a large lot in the West Washington Park neighborhood from the Denver Public School District. Purchasing this property gave ASLD room to grow into the valuable community space that it is today. Our facility at 200 Grant Street now houses a two-level public gallery; ceramic studios equipped for both hand-building and wheel-throwing; electric, gas-fired, and raku kilns; six multipurpose studios; a fiber arts studio; a printmaking studio; as well as communal space and administrative offices.

ASLD has evolved into a vital and unique arts education center in our region as well as a key provider of community arts programs. We offer an expansive range of classes and workshops at our Grant Street location, in a wide variety of genres and media, including conceptual, abstract, modernist, and classical approaches. Our community engagement programs reach throughout the seven county metro area and ensure that income, location, age, and physical ability never prevent creative exploration. Currently, ASLD engages with more than 900 adults and children each month, with over 150 paid professional artists and art educators. We provide opportunities to exhibit and sell art, as well as offer a supportive creative community to artists of all abilities.

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