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Angel Eyes is a small Colorado nonprofit organization that provides free professional grief support to families that have been impacted by pregnancy loss or the unexpected death of an infant or toddler as well as educating the community.


In the past year and into the future, Angel Eyes is making great strides in the community to grow our mission to provide FREE grief counseling to families who have lost an infant or toddler, including miscarriage and still birth, to an unexpected death.

December of 2023, Angel Eyes will be moved into its own office space.  This allows a more welcoming environment and a space to hold group sessions.  

In September of 2024, we will have a Spanish speaking counselor on staff for our families in need.  This will enable us not only to help the community along the front range but also on the western slope.  

Angle Eyes is also giving back to the community.  We have purchased two park benches at local parks.  One is in Erie and the other is in Westminster.

Since the start of 2024, Angel Eyes has been concentrating on a statewide outreach program to get our brochures to organizations whose clients may need our services.  We have also conducted several presentations with more scheduled through the end of year.

Laura Crowley - Executive Director


"Angel Eyes has been a wonderful support for us during this difficult time. Connecting with families who have also lost a child has been tremendous support in being understood during our grief."

- Dianna C.

"We weren't sure what to expect when we decided to seek counseling for the loss of our baby at 20 weeks. We were in unbelievable pain, sorrow and angry that it happened. Our Angel Eyes counselor was very good and helped us get to a place of acceptance and healing. We're so glad we decided to use their services, and highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered the loss of their infant, toddler or experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth. Angel Eyes is a gift, please take it."

Scott W.

"Angel Eyes is an amazing organization.  When we lost our sweet granddaughter Penelope, our family was devastated, and we were concerned about our son and daughter-in-law.  Angel Eyes was a godsend. Their counseling services were instrumental in the healing process.  Our entire family and many, many friends continue to attend Angel Eyes events. It is so special to witness the remembrance of loved ones, and the commitment, love and passion Angel Eyes has towards child and infant loss.   "Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.”

R & S Richter


Angel Eyes is a small Colorado nonprofit organization that provides free professional grief support to families that have been impacted by the unexpected death of an infant or toddler including miscarriage and stillbirth.

Prevention of infant deaths is a vital part of our intention. By performing presentations to first responders and other Colorado organizations we share awareness and prevention measures to reduce infant death in Colorado.

Background Statement

Angel Eyes, formerly The Colorado SIDS Program, was incorporated in 1981 and represents a merger of the Colorado Chapter of the National SIDS Foundation, a parent organization formed in 1967, and the SIDS Information and Counseling Project, that was funded in 1976 through a federal grant. The Colorado SIDS Program was the first, and continues to be one of the few SIDS organizations to combine a parent and professional organization into one agency to provide a statewide approach to SIDS and SUID (Sudden Unexpted Infant Death) .

In 2008, the Program restructured as a direct result of the decline in SIDS deaths and entered a new chapter in its history. The name was changed to Angel Eyes to include families who had lost their infant to causes other than SIDS, excluding cases where criminal charges have been made. In 2013, the scope of Angel Eyes was expanded to include pregnancy loss and stillbirth.

Core Values

Counseling and Support: Compassionate and professional grief counseling and support services at no charge to families, caregivers and others that are impacted by pregnancy loss or the sudden, unexpected death of an infant or toddler. Individual counseling, group support, peer contact and volunteer opportunities are available.

Prevention and Awareness: Keep infants and families healthy through awareness and risk reduction measures throughout Colorado.

Research: Support efforts to reduce the incidence of infant deaths. Maintain statistical data that is available and of value to researchers.

Goals & Objectives

• Provide every Colorado family experiencing the sudden, unexpected death of an infant or toddler with a personal contact soon after we are notified of the death.

• Provide professional case management, information and support services in a culturally competent and linguistically appropriate manner to those affected by pregnancy loss or the sudden, unexpected death of an infant or toddler throughout the first years following the death and longer if needed.

• Provide accurate information and education to the Colorado community regarding pregnancy loss, SIDS and other sudden, unexpected infant deaths

• Provide accurate data regarding these deaths in Colorado; determine trends that might reflect areas of program or educational needs;

• Provide sufficient operating funds to support program operations through fundraising, grants, individual donations and corporate donations.

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