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ALIGHT has helped 100's of human trafficking survivors fight for their rights. Your gift helps survivors use #TechToConnect so they connect to ALIGHT's unique program that leverages legal networks around the country through an app (that works similarly to Lyft). 

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"If it wasn't for ALIGHT, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't have the confidence that I have right now." - Grace, a survivor who started to work with ALIGHT in 2020 (testimonial provided with permission)

"I remember reaching out for help so many times [to others] and I could not get anyone to take it seriously. The fact that literally the next [business] day someone reached out, I can respect that, I can trust that. I got $1,000 back [from the other party] and, most importantly, peace of mind." - Survivor ALIGHT assisted during the coronavirus pandemic (testimonial provided with permission)

"I feel confident recommending ALIGHT to the survivors I work with because I used their services first to address an outstanding issue I had from my own trafficking experience. I know firsthand that ALIGHT's services are excellent and trauma informed." - Megan Lundstrom, Survivor Leader and Executive Director of Free Our Girls

"The services that ALIGHT connects Victims/Survivors with is truly unique and critical to combatting this crime." - Lara Mullin, Senior Deputy District Attorney, Denver District Attorney's Office - Human Trafficking Unit

"We're waking up to the fact that human trafficking is taking place everywhere. We need to connect survivors to resources. I am so grateful lawyers are invested in helping with this problem." - Shelley Bogus, Youth & Family Program Director at The Matthews House

"We are excited to be supporting ALIGHT's endeavor of building resources and systems to ensure that survivors of human trafficking have access to lawyers on their side at a critical stage." - The Roy and Ana Zellars Foundation

"It's a very important issue that ALIGHT is working on -- there are gaps in collaborations between organizations." - Dr. Esohe Aghatise, International Lawyer and Executive Director of Associazione Iroko Onlus (IROKO)


ALIGHT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that exists to empower human trafficking survivors at scale throughout the US.

We are unique in leveraging technology (think Lyft app) to mobilize specialized pro bono attorneys who fight for survivors' rights and support their journey to true freedom.

Background Statement

Without a lawyer, many survivors lack options for leaving the cycle of violence and exploitation that defines human trafficking. They need professional help to divorce the abuser, clear criminal records, resolve identity theft by the trafficker and fight the many other ways that traffickers abuse the law to control them.

Or else, they are trapped. If they try to leave without protections in the legal system, they risk losing custody of their children, homelessness or having to return to their trafficker.

ALIGHT is unique in leveraging technology (think: Lyft app) and legal networks to mobilize specialized pro bono attorneys who provide trauma-informed services directly to survivors at scale. We inclusively serve survivors of all genders, races, backgrounds, ages and sexual orientations in our communities. While a homegrown CO operation since 2017, ALIGHT has now helped hundreds of survivors and taken a national leadership role in fighting for the rights of survivors.

ALIGHT is one of 16 specialized legal services providers for human trafficking survivors in the entire United States, according to The Legal Deserts Report (2021).

ALIGHT was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Denver in 2015 to implement our innovative - and impactful - tech model (think: Lyft). The American Bar Association nationally recognized this work in 2020. In 2022, ALIGHT co-founded the National Survivor Law Collective with other national leaders to study and address the legal deserts in this country.

As of December 2022, ALIGHT has helped over 200 survivors on over 400 legal cases in 33 states and Washington, DC.

There are so many more survivors ALIGHT still needs to reach and help.

Join us to empower human trafficking survivors on their path to true freedom.

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ALIGHT 1312 17th Street Suite 732
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