Aurora Interfaith Community Services

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Aurora Interfaith Community Services (legal name: Aurora Interchurch Task Force Inc.) provides essential emergency services to the residents of Aurora, Colorado in the form of food pantries, utilities bill payment assistance, community navigation, and more. Serving more than 39,000 individual a year that are facing food insecurity, along with providing over $70,000 in utilities assistance we are proud to do what we can to help people stay in their homes, warm and with food on their tables.  Pre-pandemic we served around 7,000 individuals,  that is an increase of 300%.  The need is real, demand for food continues to increase while food donations and funding continues to decrease industry wide.  

We need your support today to continue to feed the food insecure in Aurora and Denver.  It costs Aurora Interfaith just .30 cents per meal to provide food for community members who are hungry.  

Furthermore our administration expenses are 1.9%, therefore .98 cents of every dollar given goes directly to our program services. 

Supporters like YOU put the "community" in Aurora Interfaith Community Services!


The sole aim of Aurora Interfaith Community Services is to express Christian concern for our community by providing substantive emergency assistance to the residents of Aurora, Colorado.

Background Statement

Aurora Interfaith Community Services was founded in 1968 in response to a need for coordinated emergency assistance for residents of Aurora, Colorado. Originally a volunteer-run effort based in churches, over the past 55 years Aurora Interfaith has grown into a robust nonprofit organization that provides food pantries and wraparound services to the Aurora community.

In the five decades that Aurora Interfaith has provided food pantry and other emergency assistance services for the Aurora community, we have never previously seen the level of food insecurity and economic instability that our community has experienced since 2020. Aurora Interfaith has worked to address this community crisis by expanding our network of community partnerships, launching a mobile food pantry, and beginning to offer community navigation resources for food pantry clients. This year, we are on track to serve 40,000 duplicated individuals–over four times our annual service level pre-COVID.

Over the past year, inflation and a reduction in SNAP benefits have increased the Aurora community's need for food and other emergency assistance, and Aurora Interfaith has continued to rise to the challenge. Unfortunately, that same economic turmoil has also affected our supporters and partners, resulting in decreased financial and in-kind support right when our community needs our assistance the most. We need the support of donors like you now more than ever. Together, we can make sure that our neighbors in Aurora have the food and resources they need to get through difficult times.

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Aurora Interfaith Community Services

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Aurora Interfaith, AICS, Aurora Interchurch Task Force Inc., AITF,

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Human Services

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1553 Clinton St
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1553 Clinton Street
Aurora, CO 80010

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