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WorldDenver believes a globally connected city is a thriving city! We advance a deep understanding of global affairs and cultures in Colorado through international exchanges with emerging leaders from around the world, inclusive community events on pressing global issues, and the World Affairs Challenge education program for middle and high school students in 9 different countries. 


"One of my favorite experiences is realizing the consistent themes that people and agencies experience across our increasingly interconnected globe. I have found that the visitors and I share many of the same challenges, the same discoveries and the rarely simple and often awe-inspiring role of witnessing of humanity."
- Brenda Zion, Executive Director - OneMorgan County

"What a fantastic evening we had! It was my first time hosting with Home Hospitality, and a fantastic precedent was set. We had great conversation learning more about each other's cultures and their perspective on different issues globally." - Adrielle Stanley, Home Hospitality Host

"I believe the exchange of ideas is very useful. It is not unusual for our visitors to approach issues differently than we do and it is very helpful to have an inquisitive mind. We all benefit by hearing the experiences of others and when questioned about our own."
-Commissioner Jim Tarpey, Colorado Public Utilities Commission

"Volunteering for World Denver was not only professionally rewarding, but also personally fulfilling. I really felt connected to a larger global community and network. In learning about other cultures, I learned a great deal about myself."
- Montse Garcia, former WorldDenver volunteer

"Each group of visitors has expanded my knowledge of politics in other nations, but also provided me with contacts and business opportunities."
-Rick Ridder, President and Co-Founder - RBI Strategies and Research

"I wish everyone had the chance to regularly connect with people from other countries. It is a powerful reminder of our endless commonalities as citizens of the world." - Ashley Ruiz (hosted a group from South Africa on April 1, 2017)

"Our guest described his experience of the Berlin Wall coming down. He was about 10 yrs old, living in East Germany. Also, during a discussion about how the recent presidential election has underscored the deep political division in the US, our guest correctly reminded us that a serious breakdown of communication between opposing sides may ultimately be harmful to democracy." - Carleen Evanoff (hosted a visitor from Germany on March 24, 2017)


WorldDenver exists to strengthen and expand the community of engaged global citizens and organizations in Colorado through education, cross-cultural exchange, and personal interaction with international dignitaries and professionals.

Background Statement

WorldDenver "opened its doors" in April of 2012 as a result of a transition within the Institute of International Education (IIE), a nonprofit that has had a presence in Denver for 60 years. WorldDenver implements 3 flagship programs - the Denver World Affairs Council Speaker Series, International Exchanges through the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and fellowship programs, and The World Affairs Challenge and Virtual Exchange. At WorldDenver, we believe that genuine, lasting goodwill and mutual understanding are best developed at the individual level, by enabling people from all over the world to meet and discuss their work and their lives. Through its programs, WorldDenver creates enduring connections between people in Denver and the rest of the world, fostering mutual understanding, business connections, and cultural savvy among our global community.

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