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Our goal for CO Gives Day is to raise funding for operational expenses and for property improvements at our new, safer location near Red Feather Lakes.


"W.O.L.F. Sanctuary is such a blessing for the beautiful wolves and wolf-dogs that have been given the opportunity to live out their lives here. The love, care and support given to these magnificent animals by the staff and volunteers is extraordinary. Having had the privilege to see the Sanctuary up close and personal I can attest to the individual care each of the animals get....all of their needs and wants satisfied. I have the honor of being Guardian to Isabeau....she captured my heart and I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to be in her life even in a small way. W.O.L.F. Sanctuary does amazing work....bless everyone who is involved." - D. Rosenfeld, 2020


W.O.L.F.'s mission is to improve the quality of life for wolves and wolf dogs through Rescue, Sanctuary and Education.

-- We provide RESCUE assistance within a nationwide and international network to help place wolves and wolf dogs in healthy, appropriate settings.

-- Lifelong SANCTUARY is given to 30 captive-born animals we directly rescue, providing them with high-quality food, medical care, and roomy habitats in a natural, mountainous setting.

-- EDUCATION is key to teaching schoolchildren and the public that wolves should remain in the wild, are an important part of a healthy ecosystem, and that wolf dogs should not be kept as pets.

Background Statement

W.O.L.F. was founded in 1995 to provide a home for displaced captive-born wolves and wolf dogs and to educate the public about wolf dogs and wild wolves. The organization can currently care for a maximum of 30 wolf dogs at one time, though we hope to increase that number to 60 in the future (with County approval) once at our new property near Red Feather Lakes.

W.O.L.F. has assisted in helping nearly 4,000 animals nationally and internationally through collaboration within a network of qualified rescues and sanctuaries. Also, W.O.L.F. has reached tens of thousands of schoolchildren and adults in teaching them about the challenges that wild wolves and captive-born wolf dogs face, emphasizing that wolves should remain in the wild and that wolf dogs should not be bred or become pets.

W.O.L.F. was hit hard by the 2012 High Park Fire and flooding events thereafter, including the September 2013 flood. Dealing with a property prone to natural disasters, along with not being able to be open to the public at our current location, necessitates the need for a new, safer home for our wolves and staff. W.O.L.F. purchased a 160-acre property in 2016 which we moved to in 2023 and will allow us to be open to the public for educational visits in the future.

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W.O.L.F. Sanctuary

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P.O. Box 1544
Laporte, CO 80535

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