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Wings has been working to break the cycle and heal the wounds of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) since 1982. We provide education, advocacy and support to adult survivors, loved ones, providers and communities. By offering referrals to qualified therapists, training and education, and therapist-facilitated support groups to adult survivors of CSA (in English and Spanish), Wings helps survivors, their loved ones, and their communities to live their fullest, healthiest lives.


"It took SO much to make that first phone call and to attend that first support group but over time, my Wings group became the safest place I have ever known."

"I have gone from feeling alone, afraid, and powerless to feeling supported, self-assured, and personally empowered."

"As facilitators, we hold that (group) space, but we aren't the ones able to offer the insight. (I see) members know the perfect things to say to other members who have struggles. You can see in someone's face when something is said that really speaks to them. I see those moments in every group meeting, and it is really amazing to witness."


Wings is building systems of support for adult survivors, combining in-depth health expertise with the healing power of community.

In Action: We achieve our mission through ensuring everyone has access to the resources they need to speak about, heal from, and thrive beyond childhood sexual abuse trauma. We engage adult survivors, loved ones, providers, and community leaders to acknowledge the reality of this trauma and respond with care and compassion.

Our Vision: Healthy lives, relationships and communities – for all.

Background Statement

WINGS Foundation, Inc. (Wings) has been serving adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, through specialized programs and services since 1982. High demand for healing support of survivors of childhood sexual abuse has continued to fuel the growth and development of Wings.

Healing looks different for everyone. At Wings, we believe no adult survivor should ever struggle alone. We’re here to build a system of support around adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse as they navigate their healing journey – at their own pace and in ways that are empowering to them.

Whether a survivor is ready to take the first step in their healing journey or find the best next step for themselves, they don’t have to do it alone. We’re here with them. Healing happens in community. Everyone can play an important role in healing. We offer resources for loved ones, providers, and allies because healing takes all of us.

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Wings provides information, referrals, and advocacy services for survivors, their supporters, and service providers (therapists, medical personnel, victim service personnel, religious personnel etc.) who work with survivors.

Wings currently occupies a critical position as the only comprehensive program for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the state and the only organization serving men in this capacity. Wings is a unique and affordable option for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse who want to work on trauma and cannot afford health insurance or private mental health therapy.

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