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With our little town growing at a very fast rate the entire community is working hard to keep up with the new growth. Families are moving in at a very fast pace and we, at the Wildfire, want to be a part of this new exciting expansion and be able to offer more creative opportunities for all.


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Subject: Words of Praise for Wildfire

Sally, et al,

I could have said, "It's just the best!!!", but here are a few more words. Use whatever you need:
I am a devoted member of the Wildfire Arts Center. For 13 years I have taken a dance class there. I am not a dancer--or, I never thought of myself as a dancer; but I have found a creative outlet that allows emotional and physical expression and has given me a sense of vitality that I never dreamed I'd have at age 70! Wildfire embodies the notion that Art is for Everyone. The aim of the different classes and programs is to express oneself rather than to produce or perform. A wonderful sense of community is found at Wildfire--acceptance, encouragement, support. And Wildfire seeks to spread that "creative encouragement" so that art, in all its forms, is a part of everyday life in Berthoud. We do not have another organization with such a mission in our area. Speaking personally and as a voice for our community, The Wildfire Community Arts Center offers that spark that can ignite meaning and fulfillment in life.


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Vibrant Wildfire Community Arts Center
From: Trudi Manuel

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I've told many people over the years about the variety and quality of arts programs offered through Wildfire Community Arts Center in Berthoud, CO and none have been disappointed when they've enrolled in a class.
I'll continue to refer people to take tap, drumming, yoga, art and other classes offered at the Center. As a tap dancer who has benefited physically and psychologically from taking mainly dance classes at the Center for over 12 years, I find my enthusiasm for the Center is still going strong in 2018.

Trudi Manuel


Building Community through the Arts

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The Wildfire Community Arts Center is a grassroots not-for-profit organization housed in a historic structure in beautiful Old Town Berthoud, Colorado. We became a non-profit in 2002. We are dedicated to building community through the arts. We offer a variety of classes, performances, and events across disciplines, and we strive to help people, of all ages and levels of experience, tap into their creativity and connect to our community through the arts.

We are a place for creative expression, that specializes in making the arts accessible and un-intimidating, welcoming the seasoned artist and the fledgling creative who isn't quite sure what the next step might be. That is the power of creativity, where only separate parts existed before with creative energy a completely new composition emerges. Be it dance, drumming, murals, painting, live Cajun music, the tango, documentary films, jewelry. Wildfire believes each of us has in them some perfect creation that will not become real unless that person engages and takes action. We are here to help with that next step.

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