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Mustangs are part of the history and landscape of the American West. Thousands of horses are removed from their natural habitat annually to keep numbers in check because excess numbers of mustangs on rangelands degrade natural resources and ultimately suffer from lack of water and food. They are offered for adoption through various programs developed by the Bureau of Land Management but few people are in positions to adopt a wild mustang. We are a grass-roots organization that fosters and trains these mustangs to make them adoptable. Every mustang deserves the best chance at a forever home and we need YOUR help to make this vision a reality.


“Diamond is gentle and has a heart of gold, and has taught me more about horsemanship than any other horse I have owned. He is the constant in my life I never knew I needed!” - Sally Reiker

"It was love at first sight! He not only was physically stunning, earning him the title "Rolando the Sexy Beast", but his disposition was calm, steady and just plain loveable. Within a year, Roland had come from the Devil's Garden Wild Horse Territory, completed training with the incredible Cayla Stone, and is now a local celebrity in Barrington Hills, Ill. Please support this advocacy group. They do such worthy work. It is not easy nor inexpensive to do what they do. They do it with such passion and love for the mustangs and help spread awareness of their situation" - Yvonne Costa

"I adopted "Rosie", Amora in January of this year. I hadn't begun to "shop" for another horse after I lost my best friend in 2017. My vet sent me a video of Amora, I immediately cried. Something in my heart told me I needed to go meet her. Upon meeting Cayla and Amora, I fell instantly in love with the way she was trained, the trust she had and the personality shinning thru. Cayla started her training and the foundation she instilled in Amora is so solid, it was the easiest decision to make to adopt her. Since then, we have been dodging weather, acclimating to the new home, building an indestructible bond, and learning each others personalities, she is everything I ever needed to bring me back to life. My decision to adopt a mustang will forever be my favorite in this life. I am so excited to see where our partnership takes us, what our future holds and the many memories and adventures to come!"- Alyssa Kern


Our mission is to foster, train and re-home American mustangs to showcase their innate talents and versatility.

Background Statement

Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group was formed in 2018 by two members of the Fort Collins, Colorado community: a well-respected horse trainer and a board certified veterinary surgeon, and has become nationally known for their accomplishments in the mustang advocacy world in a relatively short time. Wild Rose’s hope is to change the story of American mustangs in the West by providing training, increasing adoptions, and growing demand for these amazing horses. Currently, there are over 80,000 Mustangs on BLM managed lands, which is an excess of 50,000 animals over what the land can support. An additional 46,000 horses are in holding pens with their care costing about 60% of the BLM's (Bureau of Land Management) annual budget, which is supported primarily by tax-payers' dollars. In addition to BLM Mustangs, Wild Rose has taken Mustangs through their surrender process and from kill-pens.

Wild Rose's "gentling" process focuses on providing a safe place for mustangs, who have been removed from their literal home on the range and have never interacted with humans, to learn to trust. Each horse in the program spends from a minimum of two months to an indefinite period of time in this process. Wild Rose's professional trainers and volunteers work with each horse 6 days a week. It is perhaps one of the most remarkable life experiences to be witness to a fearful prey animal become a trusting companion.

There is currently no sustainable program in place in which to manage the "on-range" populations long-term. Wild Rose's main training program fosters mustangs, covering board, farrier and veterinary needs, while trainers and advanced volunteers build trust and advance training until adoption. Mustangs are boarded at a local barn that Wild Rose helps run with volunteers assisting in care. While there are programs that support mustang gentling, there is an enormous gap between a gentled and fully trained horse. Training allows Wild Rose to vastly increase the adoptability of mustangs by making them accessible to people who would otherwise not be able to take an untrained horse. Additionally, Wild Rose runs a youth training program to cultivate confidence, self-esteem, and discipline in adolescents.

Wild Rose has helped Mustangs of every age from foals and yearlings to adults and senior (10+ years of age) horses. So far, Wild Rose has successfully re-homed over 50 horses and currently has 7 adult horses and 7 yearlings in training. Wild Rose's Board of Directors is 100% volunteer, with additional volunteers assisting with horse care, administration, fundraising and getting the word out.

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