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The gentle snores and sighs of a baby sleeping in their crib. The giggles of a toddler as they ride in their stroller down a sidewalk. The sweet coo’s of a newborn finishing a bottle with a full tummy. 

All of these sounds are possible because you love and care for kids who aren’t your own.

You create a Colorado where every mom, dad and caregiver feels like they have everything they need to raise thriving children. And where perfectly good baby gear is saved from landfills and given new life in loving homes.

What your gift will do:

  • Provide relief to a mother that doesn’t know how she will buy formula this week
  • Give a newborn baby a warm, cozy and safe place to sleep
  • Keep a toddler healthy, clean and dry with diapers
  • Provide a seasonal wardrobe for a child to make sure they are dressed warmly during the Colorado winter
  • Give a grandmother a way to safely transport her grandchild 

This Colorado Gives Day, let’s join together to ensure that ALL Colorado children thrive. Every donation made between now and December 5th, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to reaching our goal of $92,067 to honor the 92,067 children we have served in the past 12 months.

The difference YOU make:

Thank you to our generous Colorado Gives Day matching donors!

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WeeCycle’s mission is to recycle essential baby gear and match it to Colorado families in need. We envision a time when all of Colorado's infants and toddlers have their basic needs met and are able to thrive.

By "weecycling" baby gear, we help keep children clean and safe and contribute to a healthier environment for their future. WeeCycle is working to narrow (and ideally eliminate) the gaps that exist and negatively impact infant and toddler development.

Background Statement

WeeCycle is a nonprofit organization serving Colorado families since 2008. WeeCycle partners with more than 100 local organizations to provide essential items to families with children who are struggling with any number of challenges including; poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, under-employment and emergent situations. WeeCycle collects donated and gently used baby gear, new diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, and other necessities to support families most in need across Colorado. Through partnership and collaboration, WeeCycle is able to provide necessary resources to communities across the entire state. It is also important to note that WeeCycle provides mobile distribution sites to ensure families with limited access/transportation are provided with basic necessities including; baby food, formula, diapers and wipes. Having a mobile distribution program has set WeeCycle apart in their response to families in need especially during emergent and unexpected situations. WeeCycle’s strategy has proven to be very successful to date as WeeCycle has grown from serving 45 families in 2008 to serving 77,327 children in 2022.

The impact of WeeCycle services supports the community in numerous ways. By providing baby gear and essential items to families, WeeCycle not only meets the needs of families experiencing hardship but also increases safety for infants, toddlers and children through distribution of safe car seats, cribs and nutritious meals that families may not otherwise have access to. Additionally, WeeCycle’s approach of reusing baby gear, prolongs the use of the items to reduce the environmental impact of items normally used for short periods of time before ultimately ending up in a landfill unnecessarily.

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