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You can help restore natural places in Colorado by supporting WRV today! Every $1 you contribute is turned into $6.87 - worth of restoration and community building. Plus, generous donors have raised a match pool of $30K to DOUBLE the restoration power of your gift before 12/31/2022!

WRV completes 150+ restoration projects annually, engaging 1,000+ volunteers, and 500+ diverse youth in service learning.


"I participated in the Summit Lake / Echo Lake Restoration Project on July 26 - 27th. It was my very first project with WRV, and I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the entire operation! Organizing a multi-day project involving 50+ people is a daunting task, yet the Project Leaders pulled it off flawlessly! It was obvious the leaders had put in an enormous amount of time preparing for the project. For every hour we are on a project, I'm sure there are tens of hours of pre-project planning and preparation! I appreciate all that planning and preparation work, as that makes projects go exceptionally well! WRV is an amazing organization, and I am excited to be getting involved with you guys!"
-- Tracy Halward, Volunteer

"This is a volunteer group that does EXCELLENT work...The nice part about WRV is they do all the recruiting, planning, design, supervision, follow-up monitoring, and provide their own equipment...They have botanists/restoration experts on staff and often have more experience and expertise than we do...They go out and recruit other matching funds to help the project grow." - Wendy R. Magwire, Forest Wildlife Biologist, White River National Forest

"Working with the WRV community has helped me grow as an employee and a person. I sincerely believe that community can make a difference, and I am so happy to continue working side by side with fellow environmental enthusiasts to help restore our natural world." - Molly Hernandez, Crew Leader, firefighter and future geologist

"The project we did with WRV was a great experience for our students and staff. We all bonded as we worked together to re-vegetate Carnage Canyon. The WRV leaders made it fun and informative. We enjoyed learning why planting willows, choke cherries and cottonwoods would help stabilize this area that was destroyed by over use of recreational vehicles. After hiking up the canyon and planting for a few hours we could already see the difference in the area and could imagine how much better it would be without all of the erosion we saw. It was a truly rewarding way to spend the day." - Jodi Sherman, "I Have a Dream" Foundation Project Leader

"WRV offers a wide variety of youth the chance to get outside and develop a deeper connection with the land. It's nice to have a sense of power and to be able to have a choice in what happens to the public land around us, while working with it hands on and with your friends." - Carrie Harrison, WRV Youth Volunteer, age 16


WRV's mission is to foster a community spirit of shared responsibility for the stewardship and restoration of public, protected, and ecologically important lands.

Background Statement

In 1999, about 20 people gathered to plant willows around Heron Pond at Pella Crossing, near Longmont. From this humble beginning grew a corps of thousands of dedicated volunteers who donate approximately $800,000 worth of time and expertise to restore Colorado's beloved natural heritage at over 150 projects each year. That group is WRV!

WRV has grown and changed since that day. We now have a diverse Youth & Families Program and a comprehensive leadership development program. We have accomplished 1,650 projects, hosted 55,000 volunteers, and facilitated the contribution of $13.5 million worth of volunteer time and expertise to the restoration and stewardship of our most beloved natural areas.

WRV sees a high success rate, and the public land agencies with which we work express great satisfaction with our projects, repeatedly ask for our help, and recommend us to other agencies. WRV is even involved in innovating and testing new restoration techniques, such as new designs of erosion control structures, and natural forms of high alpine transplant protection. WRV has a long track record of project design & implementation safely and on budget.

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