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Lisa McCarthy, DVM, owner of Midtown Veterinary Medical Center in Fort Collins, has a big heart for small animals and a concern about their overpopulation in developing countries. Dr. McCarthy came to believe strongly in the philosophy of One Health. Everything is connected: the environment, public health, and animal welfare. A fourth critical consideration is community economics, which also benefits from attention to the other three concerns. Vet Treks is her effort to address the animal welfare component directly, and thus indirectly have a positive influence on the environment and on the human health and economics in developing communities in Kenya. This was her vision with Vet Treks Foundation, which became a 501(c)3 entity in 2016.

Since that time, Vet Treks has conducted six high-volume/high quality spay/neuter and rabies vaccination campaigns in areas of need in Kenya, most recently last month in Loiyangalani, Kenya. Simultaneously, participating Kenyan veterinarians and technicians learn the high-volume model. Kenyan vets are highly trained in care of livestock, but often do not have the training and experience needed in small animal care and surgery. These trainings upskill them to be able to provide these services in their communities going forward. The veterinarians and technicians receive Continuing Education credits approved by the Kenyan Veterinary Board. At the end of each campaign Vet Treks donates all surgical instruments and other equipment, medicines, and supplies, to the local veterinarians, so that they may continue the important work of community spay/neuter services. The mission, and the hope, is that this training and material support will result in sustained veterinary capacity in underserved communities, ultimately gaining control over dog and cat overpopulation, lessening the suffering of these animals and decreasing the incidence of diseases they spread to people, such as rabies.       

Vet Treks teams consist of volunteer veterinarians and technicians from the US, Canada, and Europe, all of whom pay their own expenses to travel abroad, participate, and train vets in Kenya. The organization does not have any paid employees. Donations go directly to training materials and the purchase of equipment, medicines and supplies for use and donation in Kenya. 

To date, Vet Treks has trained and equipped 72 veterinarians and 25 technicians. Over 6800 dogs, cats and donkeys have been vaccinated against rabies, and over 800 dogs and cats have been sterilized. Equipment worth $29,000 has been donated to Kenyan veterinary practices, to date.

Future goals for Vet Treks include:

  1. The overreaching vision is to provide relief and comfort to animals and more education and peace of mind to the people to care for them.
  2. Continue to train and equip veterinarians in Kenya, especially so that they can continue the work of population control and rabies eradication.
  3. Sponsoring Kenyan vets to travel to the US to receive higher-level training would be another way to advance that goal.
  4. Eventually, sponsor permanent hospitals in one or more areas of need in Kenya.

Dr. McCarthy has illustrated how to make big dreams come true by helping others. Surrounded by friends and family, she has been able to accomplish a great deal. She lives by the philosophy that “The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away.”


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Building veterinary capacity in underserved areas through veterinary education and the provision of essential implements of practice to local veterinarians.

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