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A 'moment of impact' at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater.

Life is comprised of a series of moments. At the Vail Valley Foundation, thanks to strong community support, we specialize in creating 'Moments of Impact' throughout the Vail Valley. 

YOU can help us 'empower possibility' in our community by supporting our programs, venues, and initiatives including: 

  • YouthPower365
  • Vilar Performing Arts Center
  • Vail Dance Festival
  • Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater
  • Birds of Prey World Cup ski racing
  • GoPro Mountain Games
  • Free concerts 
  • ... and much more. 


Empower possibility in the arts by supporting the Vilar Performing Arts Center, the Vail Dance Festival, the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater and FREE ShowDown Town concerts in Eagle. A deep integration of performance and visual arts leads to more dynamic and lively places and equitable community. The VVF is committed to creating a vibrant arts community in the Vail Valley. Donations to the VVF Fund support the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater and more! 

To support the arts in your community, select Vilar Performing Arts Center, Vail Dance Festival or VVF Fund ( to support the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater) on the designation drop-down.


Empower possibility in athletics. The VVF's heritage is steeped in athletics and is integral to what makes the Vail Valley a vibrant and exciting place to live and visit. Presenting the Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Alpine World Cup ski races in Beaver Creek and the one-of-a-kind GoPro Mountain Games in Vail/Minturn, the VVF is committed to bringing athletic events to our community, creating magical moments in the Vail Valley for both athletes and spectators alike. Donations to the VVF Fund support our athletics programming and more!

To support world class athletics in your community, select VVF Fund on the designation drop-down.


Empower possibility in education. From early childhood to college and career, the VVF's YouthPower365 education initiative helps youth reach their full potential every step of the way. With more than 3,500 student enrollments, and popular programs such as the FREE Magic Bus mobile preschool, COPA soccer, and PwrHrs Afterschool, YouthPower365 plays a vital role in our vibrant community and helping local youth learn, grow, and succeed.

To support youth and families in your community, select YouthPower365 on the designation drop-down.


The VVF recently created the Eagle River Childcare Initiative to build or secure space for much needed incremental and affordable employer-sponsored childcare facilities. This project is under way in Avon and our organization continues to seek ways to support increased childcare opportunities and teacher education throughout the valley.  

Since our founding, the VVF has been a community leader across many areas. We will continue to strive to address community needs as they arise and to take swift, effective, action to alleviate the issues that challenge our Valley.

To support continued community leadership, select VVF Fund on the designation drop-down.


"When we thought about Vail becoming more than a weekend getaway I needed to know if Vail was more than just a great mountain. Amazingly, in large part because of the Vail Valley Foundation, we found a true community. The Valley offers an exceptional place to live with cultural, athletic and educational experiences you normally find only in a major city. These activities keep our community vibrant and constantly changing with the seasons. As we spent more time in the Valley I learned how important it is to support VVF both through donations as well as giving time. VVF serves every person in our Valley - and that support and caring helps all of us. Our Valley is a wonderful place to live because there is a generosity and a spirit of commitment I have not experienced any place else."
- Ann Smead, VVF Donor and Former Board Chairman

"I have been a supporter of the Vail Valley Foundation for over 25 years, and I do so because I can't imagine our mountain community without places like the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater and the Vilar Performing Arts Center. Both venues bring big time performances to our small town, and are a major part of what makes this valley such a great place to live and visit. I also really value what the VVF does through the YouthPower365 in education- providing that critical support after school for the children in our community."
- Donna Giordano, VVF Life Trustee

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