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HAVE YOU CARED ENOUGH ABOUT WATER? Water quality in Ouray County and our downstream neighbors is degraded by pollution from abandoned mine wastes, and periods of drought threaten our ranches and environment. Please support UWP as we and our partners continue our hard work to address these issues.


"Thank you. We appreciate all the great work that UWP is doing!" - Ridgway Mayor John Clark

"UWP can be proud of the legacy they have worked hard at creating in mine remediation in the San Juan Mountains." - Jeff Litteral, Colorado Division of Mining, Reclamation and Safety

"As a River Watch volunteer, I am excited to be involved in an endeavor that is important to our community and the environment. I feel so fortunate to have met, and to be working with the four other members of my River Watch team with UWP, as well as all great people doing great things!" - UWP Citizen Scientist Ronna Edgett-Underwood

"Thank you all for the work done by UWP volunteers at Rollans Park. I have not heard one negative thing and the work you did looks great. Good photos too. I love the idea of protecting those cottonwood volunteers. I have seen multiple people utilizing those buckets left by UWP to water the recently planted trees. Appreciate the work you guys do." - Chase, Town of Ridgway Public Works

"The tour was great. It was perfect for hikers of all levels, with frequent stops for history lessons. I learned a bunch of terminology so I can sound a little more informed about the area. It was great to walk the area with someone that really knew their stuff. I will definitely recommend this to more people in the future. Thanks." - guest from Durango who participated in the Red Mountain Mining District Tour organized by UWP


The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership exists to help protect the natural, scenic, and economic values of the Upper Uncompahgre River Watershed.  The Partnership works to inform and engage all stakeholders and solicits input from diverse interests to ensure collaborative restoration efforts in the watershed.

Background Statement

The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership (UWP) was created in spring 2007, when regional groups and concerned citizens applied for a watershed-planning grant. In 2013, UWP became a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to understanding, restoring and protecting land and natural resources within the Uncompahgre Watershed. In less than a decade, UWP has led and participated in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of projects improving and protecting watershed resources though partnerships with a grassroots coalition of citizens, nonprofits, local and regional governments, and federal and state agencies. We have also been active in educating the community about water ecology and promoting awareness of watershed issues and facts.

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