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Dedicated to empowering individuals and families in the Eagle River Valley through our unique rehabilitative strategies and services. Support the wonderful effects of Physical and Occupational Therapy using the movement of the horse as as well as the activity of Equine Assisted Learning.


"I met Lauren and the horses, and I started to feel better. Being with the horse allows you to express your feelings without saying anything at all which has opened a lot of new possibilities to make me feel better. When I feel anxious, then the horse feels anxious and this is a good perspective for me because I am then aware of my feelings. Also, the movement of the horse makes me feel relaxed when I am riding, and I can do my breathing work." NB, Equine Assisted Learning Client

"My family is very happy with the services that you offer. Your help has given my son a radical change with his behavior and it has impacted him but has also made a huge difference for my family as well. He is more reasonable, more tolerant and more patient. Thanks to this therapy it has been a lot of help, a thousand thank yous for these services."- Maria, Kevin's Mother

Our daughter has more strength in her back, she sits with more stability in her neck and able to turn right and left now - A&MDC

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Trio Therapy Partners is a 501(c)3 organization that believes in taking an individual's rehabilitation journey to the next level by utilizing multiple environments to create meaningful change

Background Statement

In 2014, Trio was founded by Amanda Moody, Lauren Cremonese and Kristi Moon with the desire to offer Equine Assisted Therapies and Activities to children and adults in Eagle County. We started with the help of Cathy Young and her family at their private residence in Eagle. With growth comes change and currently our services take place at the Eagle River Center at the Eagle County Fairgrounds. In November of 2018 we formed a formal Board of Directors and applied to become a 501(c)3 organization so that we can continue to provide these vital services to everyone in our community. Using the movement of the horse has proven to be a powerful treatment tool for occupational and physical therapist's to incorporate into a client's care plan for improving the functional performance and quality of life for individuals living with a variety of physical, cognitive, and social/emotional disabilities. Trio is passionate about helping to transform different aspects of one's life through rehabilitation.

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Trio Therapy Partners

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