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Our organization provides a beacon of hope for parents raising children who have experienced trauma. We provide a lifeline of support, education, and resources, empowering parents to guide their children towards healing and resilience. Through our online courses and community, we transform stories of pain into stories of strength. Your support can rewrite these narratives, offering children and parents a path to hope, connection, and a brighter future. Join us in being a catalyst for change, helping us empower healing one family at a time.

Join us in starting a movement to heal childhood trauma and create a healthier society!

Imagine a world where parents live in fear of their own children, where a rare and terrifying mental illness called Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) takes hold, causing severe anger, debilitating anxiety, and violence. This disorder is born from trauma experienced in the first three years of life, leaving children and families in a desperate situation. Even without the severe diagnosis, many kids have suffered early life trauma exhibit difficult and challenging behaviors that are resistant to "regular" parenting techniques; causing them to feel isolated, clueless, and alone.

Gina & Aaron embarked on an incredible journey when they adopted two boys from Guatemala. Their second child, Maddox, had been neglected by his foster mother before they took him into their family. What followed was more than a decade of relentless research, countless struggles, and unwavering love until they finally uncovered a solution. Today, my son has grown into a remarkable adult who no longer inflicts pain on himself or others, and he's achieving incredible milestones we once thought were impossible. In addition, he has recently joined the TDU board to pay it forward to other kids like him.

Their story is one of dignity, passion, and humor, and it carries a message of inspiration, hope, and healing that resonates with people worldwide.

Since publishing their memoir, "Love Never Quits," Gina has become an advocate for better mental health laws, testifying in state congress, giving TEDx talks, and appearing on numerous podcasts.

Trauma Drama University" (TDU) was launched to support parents raising children with traumatic backgrounds, guiding them toward peace and healing. To keep these valuable services free, the organization introduced TDU Products, a store featuring trauma-themed items, self-care products, parenting tools, unique gifts, stylish t-shirts, and custom-designed leggings with trauma hearts. ALL proceeds from these products help cover the business expenses associated with our parent support program.

Our goal is to bring this critical issue to a broader audience and highlight the societal impact of failing to provide early interventions for these children, which can truly save their lives.

Just as people wear pink for breast cancer and infinity symbols for autism, we want to see people proudly wearing trauma hearts to raise awareness and promote healing for those affected by RAD and Childhood Trauma. We're on a mission to make a difference and inspire change, and we are honored to participate in Giving Tuesday this year!


Our hopeful and positive program will provide parents with education, support, and resources that will set the family on the path to peace, connection, and healing. TDU will be the VILLAGE for those raising challenging kids from trauma backgrounds.

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