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Transit Alliance is an influential public-advocacy organization that works to empower citizens to lead the transformation of Colorado's mobility future. We work toward our mission by engaging a variety of private and public stakeholders and by placing a heavy emphasis on remaining active in the policy arena, building leadership capacity, staying connected to the community and fostering a forum for constructive dialogue. Our Citizens' Academy educates and trains up to 100 leaders each year, arming them with the knowledge and tools to be effective advocates. As steering committee members of the Better Broadway Coalition and Vision Zero Coalition, and as leaders at the table for Denver's transit plan, RTD's pass program working group, and several community task forces, we push for more transportation choices across the state.


"It was amazing and inspiring that my cohort encompassed a diverse range of communities, interests, and knowledge backgrounds. Being able to incorporate different perspectives for fostering a shared commitment to transforming transportation, to improving access to transportation, and doing it at a grassroots level - that is powerful. Each one of us leaves Academy with a renewed commitment to this work and a whole team of friends and allies with whom to do it."

"I found the emergence of Transit Oriented Development along the rail lines thereby creating less reliance on the automobile a most promising phenomenon. I was also able to see the work being done in the City of Denver on promoting bike sharing, car2go, Lyft and Uber among others. The best part of the Citizens' Academy was the fact that I was with 50+ other citizens from all over the metro area who were passionate about transportation alternatives."

"My "aha" moments included learning much more about car sharing and autonomous automobiles; the extent of RTD's role in transit and transportation for seniors; and the transit efforts/programs in the suburbs to address first/last mile connections."

"Everything is interconnected and multi-layered. Development does not happen overnight andmarkets and technology are ever evolving, pushing for innovative ideas. We typically only think of transit as involving personal vehicles and public transportation but we forget of pedestrians and cyclists and are unaware of the extent of the shared economy and how it can benefit us."

"My biggest A-HA moment came from grasping the importance of pedestrian-friendly development and the long-term impact it can have on the health and well-being of a neighborhood.'

"I learned so much about so many different topics and got insights from important perspectives. I experienced presentations on what goes into change, who is involved and what parts are intertwined. I feel much more connected to why it is important to pay attention to every facet to maintain or change important societal necessities."


Transit Alliance is empowering citizens to lead the transformation of Colorado's mobility future.

Background Statement

You may remember our work between 1997 and 2004 to successfully build a grassroots coalition that supported FasTracks in 2004. That was 10 years ago and since then we have been busy delivering some of the most passionate advocates for transit that the region has ever seen. We have pioneered post-ballot initiative education and engagement of citizens and are leading the nation in this area.

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