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Trailhead Institute is a nonprofit public health institute built on the vision that everyone should have the opportunity to be healthy and live in a healthy environment. Since our founding in 1993, we have moved with a mission to advance innovation and collaboration in public and environmental health, driven by a shared commitment to collaboration, justice, and building the capacity of communities to address the challenges they face. 

Through partnership, Trailhead works alongside communities and with public health and health care systems, community-based organizations, state and local governmental agencies, academic institutions, and partners across public and private sectors to improve health for all people living in Colorado.

Through fiscal and administrative capacity building, community engagement, and strategic program development, we support and lead programs and initiatives that address fundamental health needs, advance health equity, center communities as experts and advocate for policies and funding that enable public health entities and communities across Colorado to thrive.


Trailhead Institute advances innovation and collaboration in public and environmental health.

Background Statement

Trailhead Institute was founded in 1993 to fiscally manage funds coming from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, leading the administration of funding out into communities. Since the organization’s founding days, administrative partnership has served as Trailhead’s flagship offering, going beyond traditional fiscal sponsorship by investing time and resources into start-ups and projects with incredible promise for transforming community health in order to provide them with an opportunity to grow and flourish.

With a strong foundation in financial services, Trailhead’s work as a public health institute has since expanded to include ongoing community engagement and strategic program development and delivery, supporting public health initiatives across the state as program managers, facilitators, thought partners, and connectors to partners within our wide network of connections across community-based organizations, academic institutions, governmental agencies, health care systems, and philanthropic entities.

Through these relationships, Trailhead serves as a basecamp in Colorado’s public health field — a gathering place from which new pathways and possibilities in public health can take root, grow and even flourish.

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