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A domino effect refers to a chain reaction of positive events or outcomes that are set in motion by an initial action or event. It’s a symbolic way of describing how one positive action can lead to another, creating a cascade of beneficial effects. This concept often illustrates how small, constructive changes can have far-reaching and compounding impacts.

Every participant at Breakthrough is connected to people beyond themselves. We show them that they don’t have to be defined by their past, and that they have the power and ability to change not only their world but others around them as well. This not only breaks the cycle of intergenerational poverty and incarceration but can also shift the culture inside prison facilities to be one of acceptance and change.

Did you know: Children of incarcerated parents are six times more likely to end up incarcerated themselves? (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

This Colorado Gives Day, help us continue to keep the dominos moving forward: impacting the lives of our participants and their families, friends, neighbors, and how our society defines criminal justice. Your contribution will help us break intergenerational cycles of incarceration and ensure the communities welcoming our people home feel the effects of positive change.


Bringing people from all ends of the community together, from the inside out, to believe in the self-actualization of Breakthrough participants and the opportunity to shift the system.

Our vision is to build a dependable community of trust, awareness, and belonging where all are worthy of humanity.


➡️ Responsibility – We never back down from the difficult or ignore mistakes.

➡️ Inclusivity – We accept people as they are — all humans are worthy of humanity.

➡️ Optimism – We have a radical hope for tomorrow.

➡️ Empathy – Our empathy is audacious, courageous, bold, and relentless. We are open to ideas that challenge our worldview.

Background Statement

We believe that humans are more than their past. We believe in the power of change. Through compassion, connection, and community, we rebuild people’s lives and ultimately help them reintegrate into society—all while challenging outdated perceptions to reform how our country defines criminal justice.

Breakthrough Alliance of Colorado prides itself in transforming the lives of people with criminal histories and the community’s perception of the incarcerated population. Our holistic approach includes an in-facility career education program, community engagement, reentry support, a fair opportunity hiring program, and criminal justice advocacy initiatives.

We believe in humans, and in our shared humanity because we know that every person deserves to be seen, heard, and challenged to rise above their past to break through to a better tomorrow.

Our Program

A successful reentry begins inside correctional facilities and is dependent upon a community ready to foster a productive return. Breakthrough takes a holistic approach to community and person, and our in-facility program focuses on character development, job readiness, reentry planning, and the entrepreneurial mindset, providing an opportunity for holistic growth.

We walk alongside our participants from the inside out through our four program offerings: The Challenge, The Transformation, The Return, and The Exemplar.

The Challenge

Our innovative 32-week (8-month) in facility program focusing on character development, job readiness, reentry planning, and the entrepreneurial mindset. The Challenge builds upon itself from week to week, designed to facilitate a stable trajectory of growth.

The Transformation

Our in-facility alumni program allows opportunities for continued personal and professional development, facilitating the Breakthrough program on the inside, and providing guidance to current participants as they begin their transformational journey.

The Return

We welcome our people home and prioritize their stability in the community by helping them obtain and maintain stable employment while helping them to fill skill gaps as they embark on their chosen career path. We also connect them to trusted community partners specializing in food, housing, transportation, health care, mental health/substance abuse treatment, clothing, safety, and personal identification.

The Exemplar

This is the final stage of our participants journey once they have found stability. Our in-community alumni program provides case management services and facilitates further career development, personal growth, and entrepreneurial guidance, with access to our network of Fair Opportunity Employers.

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