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More people are incarcerated in America than in any other country. And in Colorado, 50% of people released from correctional facilities return to prison within 3-years. These are people who encounter societal stigmas that impact them at every turn. Employment is the single biggest influence on recidivism rates. But they can’t get jobs that pay a living wage. The Colorado Department of Corrections (2022) reports that 27.5% of people on parole are unemployed. People on parole report that they are unable to secure jobs due to their felony convictions, even when employers recognize that they have the right skills for the job. The turnover rate for employees with criminal records is 13% lower than that of traditional employees. Even in light of this, the jobs that many returning citizens are able to land do not have the opportunity for upward economic mobility, further exacerbating the problems of inequity, poverty, recidivism, and unstable family structures. As incarceration rates, unemployment, and recidivism rates increase. 

Join us as we work to put a stop to this cycle. Through compassion, connection, and community, we rebuild people’s lives and ultimately help them reintegrate into society—all while challenging outdated perceptions to reform how our country defines criminal justice.

The graduates of our program fight, every day, to move forward, to shrug off the weight of societal stigma that prevents them from getting jobs and accessing essential resources. They have to fight to be seen as who they truly are, to pursue economic freedom for their families, and to truly have a sense of belonging. Will you fight with them? 

Everyone has to fight - to move forward - to Breakthrough

Your contribution will help us fight for fair opportunities for employment for our graduates. 


We are committed to:

➡️ Reforming society's response to incarceration

➡️ Building connections across communities

➡️ Equipping participants for successful reintegration

➡️Advocating for awareness of our shared humanity

Background Statement

You may have heard of us referred to as, Defy Ventures Colorado. Since 2017, we have tackled the problems of mass incarceration and recidivism in Colorado. In that time, we have learned that we must innovate to respond to our community's needs and that human connection matters the most as we seek transformation behind facility walls and in our communities. We have learned that it’s time for us to breakthrough.

That’s why chose Breakthrough as the new name of the organization you have loved, supported, and volunteered with consistently. At Breakthrough, we continue to be passionate about solving the problems of mass incarceration and recidivism.

We work to empower currently and formerly incarcerated individuals to redefine their futures and embrace new possibilities. By leveraging the entrepreneurial mindset, people develop meaningful careers and become actively involved with their families and communities. Breakthrough is committed to reforming society’s response to incarceration, building connections across communities, equipping participants for successful reintegration, and advocating for awareness of our shared humanity. This is all made possible through collaboration with the Colorado Department of Corrections, the State of Colorado, our fellow community-based organizations, partnering corporations, and people like YOU!

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