Thornton Arts Sciences and Humanities Council

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TASHCO will use your donation to support Arts in the Park summer family programs, year-round Thornton Arts Academy classes, Day of the Dead annual community celebration, and special public art projects - all of which provide access, education and engaging entertainment for Thornton's growing multi-ethnic and multigenerational communities.


From Lynne Holman at the Denver American Indian Festival - "In 2013 two Native American women thought it would be a nice idea to have a small festival that would be free, family friendly, and would be open to all people to come learn, enjoy and be a part of Native American art, culture, food, song and dance. They started small with a VERY meager budget. They planned for the first Denver American Indian Festival in Fall 2014, hoping for 200 to 400 but got attendance of 1200. They had never created a non-profit or run a festival, but did both. Over the next few years, they were noticed by the city of Thornton which became a sponsor and it deepened with the backing of the Thornton Arts, Science & Humanities Council (TASHCO). That council with expertise in non-profits, event planning, and activities supporting art, education and improving community life, gave the Festival organizers encouragement, advice, and support financially. This was primarily done through the staff and members of TASHCO who saw the need for such an outreach free family festival. Move ahead to 2019 and the festival welcomed almost five thousand attendees over 2 days, and hosted nearly 40 Tribes as entertainers, artists, food specialists and vendors. TASHCO has continued its support as we have also now added a Foundation non-profit to our efforts to reach out for the good of Native Americans and the community in which we live. We are a Virtual Festival this year but hope to welcome all in 2021 for an in-person event again. Having TASHCO encourage and support us with sponsorships, advice, and encouragement allowed us to grow exponentially in our ability to create and partner with other non-profits meeting the needs of Native Americans in our communities and around the nation."


Thornton Arts Sciences and Humanities Council (TASHCO) is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes cultural, historical and scientific events and programs in the city of Thornton. TASHCO's mission statement is to "capture the hearts and minds of all Thornton Citizens and enhance the quality of their lives through exposure and involvement in the arts, sciences and humanities."

Background Statement


Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, was formed in 1991 by the City Council for the purpose of promoting arts, sciences and humanities in Thornton. City Council was established as members of the corporation and Council served as the Board of Directors.


City Council recommended that the TASHCO Board be reappointed and given a specific charge of developing an overall master plan for arts and culture in the community. The final decisions on arts and culture expenditures rest with City Council.


Summer/ early fall: Several citizens received an invitation from City Council to attend a first meeting to learn about, and consider becoming a member of, an Arts and Culture Advisory Committee.

October 3: Facilitated by City Staff, that first meeting explained City Council's charge and a description of the requirements of the Committee Member position. A calendar was set for establishing the Committee and the Master Plan for arts and culture in the City of Thornton.


In a resolution dated March 27, 2007, City Council/TASHCO Board of Directors expressed their desire to appoint citizen members to conduct the business of TASHCO and appointed the five members of the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee to four-year terms as the TASHCO Board of Directors: Nancy Karnes, Rosalie Keith, Regene McCain, Frank Newton and Carol Norberg.

2007-Present Accomplishments:

• Master Plan

• Communis (public art sculpture, celebration, commission of original music composition, etc.)

• Water Tank Mural

• Other Public Art acquisitions (bronze sculptures at golf course and parks)

• Thornton Community Band support

• Thornton Community Chorus support

• Planning, with Help of City Staff, and Advising Council on Expenditures of SCFD and Public Art Funds

• Blues in the Schools/ Blues Concerts

• Ongoing Support of Young Artists Festival and Other Programs

• Thornton Festivals (participation and related music services)

Plus annual support of the Denver American Indian Festival and Adams County Genealogical Society.

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