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Since 2011, our model of support has been so effective that we have been able to facilitate over 750 adoptions, as well as offer a permanent sanctuary home to 37 mustangs and burros.


There are over 50,000 wild horses in holding facilities managed by the Bureau of Land Management across the Western United States. These horses are awaiting adoptions, hoping to be paired with the right person able to handle their training, domestication and off-range needs. 

Mustangs are built to thrive in the wild, and when they are introduced into our human world they can easily fall through the cracks and in many situations the horses and their adopters find themselves in trouble and in need of support. Some of the horses can even find themselves neglected, abused, abandoned, starved, passed around to different homes, or even sent to auction or slaughter. We believe these magnificent animals deserve better and that by working together we can make a positive difference in their lives.


Our organization addresses the essential demand for rehabilitating, training, and rehoming formerly wild Mustangs.  Our dynamic network unites Foster Partners, Trainer Partners, and Sanctuary alongside dedicated volunteers, forming a robust and varied community of support for both Mustangs in need. The invaluable work we undertake is intrinsically tied to the support we receive from the public – without it, our mission would be impossible to fulfill. 



We offer practical solutions, education and awareness about mustangs and burros, collaborate to support wild horses on the range and provide training, adoptions and sanctuary to those in need.


We promote and preserve the mustang as a revered icon and encourage the value of the equine-human relationship through training, adoptions, education and sanctuary.

Our Model:

Through a collaborative approach, we provide solutions for previously wild equines in need by offering community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation, foster, training, adoption support and sanctuary.

Background Statement

The Great Escape Mustang Collaborative has evolved into an integral support network helping Mustangs in need, both on and off the range. Our team is comprised of many dedicated individuals giving their time, energy and lives to the horses that need our support navigating our domestic world.

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The Great Escape Mustang Collaborative

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The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary, GEMS, Great Escape

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