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Temple Grandin School is one of a small number of schools nationwide dedicated to neurodiverse students on the autism spectrum and their families. Our curriculum prepares students to take on the world. Students leave TGS well-equipped to advocate for the support they need to unleash their strengths.


What parents are saying about Temple Grandin School:

"Temple Grandin School in Boulder has been amazing in every way! The staff is comprised of an extremely dedicated group of professionals who clearly care about every student and his/her family. Our son, who prior to attending TGS, was unhappy with public and private school and failed to thrive in homeschool, LOVES TGS! In just one year, he made incredible gains and for the first time in his life is looking forward to a new school year! The students at TGS are great kids and our son made many friends this past year, which again was a first! TGS instructors know how to reach our kids and inspire them to become better human beings. Our son has gone from telling us that he was never going to have a job...to asking for tutoring over the summer in a subject that is difficult for him to better enable him to get admitted to the college of his choice! All of his teachers have had a tremendous impact on his self concept and he feels a connection to each and every one of them. We could never thank TGS enough!"

"After several years where my child was barely surviving in public schools, we are thrilled to have found Temple Grandin School. Now my very smart kiddo is thriving in school; he looks forward daily to going to a school where his gifts and talents are appreciated and celebrated. The teachers and staff "get" Asperger's and how different brains work. Social skills and other objectives including perspective taking, planning and self awareness are part of the curriculum and school culture. Strengths are recognized and dreams are nurtured. And my kid is getting a great education! It is so amazing and rewarding as a parent to see my child exactly where he needs to be, growing into the confident and successful young man he was meant to be."

"Temple Grandin School was literally a lifesaver. My son was near the end of his rope at public high schools. The dedicated staff accepted him and helped him celebrate his unique passions. They gently led him to accomplish more than he had in years. He has a new acceptance of himself, his Asperger's, and the world he must live in. They helped him take the first steps toward independence."

"We found TGS in the nick of time. Before TGS, we feared our HF-ASD son might not graduate from high school. We could barely get him to attend. We found success at TGS. TGS provides individualized coaching and instruction, building on unique strengths and motivations to teach students how to help themselves navigate the world. This fall our son, who is a senior at TGS, is applying to colleges. Not only will he graduate, he will thrive. We are thankful to TGS for their commitment to our son and our family!"

"Every individual in this school from the top down makes an impact on students and every opinion is heard and considered. Each staff member makes a difference in my child's well being."

"My son attended TGS for 5 years. He was not on a track to finish high school before he went there. He's now living independently in the dorm in his second year of college. TGS discovered the ways to play to his strengths and help him through his difficulties. This school changed the trajectory of his life and changed my life as his mom. The format and dedicated staff were transformative."

"My daughter is graduating from Temple Grandin School this year. She attended for three years. Temple Grandin School is deeply dedicated to serving and educating the student as a whole, helping the student identify and effectively utilize their strengths and identify their challenges while teaching them how to advocate for themselves in the world. My daughter is still quiet because that is her nature, but she can now initiate and hold conversations with her friends more naturally and with greater ease. Temple Grandin School not only educates for middle school and high school, but for real life situations and guides them intentionally through to college so they are prepared to meet whatever path they take in adulthood. The administration, teachers, and support staff have been so wonderful to me and my husband as well as to our daughter. They provided us with opportunities specifically tailored for our daughter and provided us guidance for next steps. I am so grateful for Temple Grandin School in our life."


Temple Grandin School empowers neurodiverse students to recognize and realize their potential.

Background Statement

Temple Grandin School was founded in 2011 to provide a supportive, socially engaging educational community for neurodiverse students whose complex needs were not fully addressed by other school environments. These students are intellectually able, often gifted, but many are unable to access critical learning opportunities in public schools due to challenges with anxiety, sensory sensitivity, social cognition and executive functioning. Because they are neither typical, nor typically autistic, neurodiverse students on the autism spectrum are often misunderstood and under-supported in traditional schools. At TGS, these students find a community of acceptance where their unique perspectives are nurtured and they can build the supports they need to transform their talents into exceptional achievements.

Since our founding, autism prevalence has increased from 1 in 110 children to 1 in 54. In 2019, over 9,000 students in Colorado had an educational diagnosis of ASD. Nearly half (44%) of these students will have average to above average intellectual ability. Over 80% have at least one co-occuring mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression. Placement in an inappropriate educational setting only exacerbates these conditions. The need for the Temple Grandin School program is growing!

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