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Conifer's StageDoor Theatre's mission is to provide locally produced, high quality performing arts programs and education in theatre arts, music and dance to the communities in the 285 corridor and to serve children and adults with dynamic instruction and productions.


(Noah is 16 and in 10th grade)
Noah almost quit before the season began. He has always been serious and quiet, not making friends easily. He is afraid of the new and unknown and being embarrassed or making mistakes. He struggles in school with a language disorder and dyslexia.
Two days before rehearsals began he begged me not to go. After I got home from work that night I asked him how it went and if he had talked to anyone about quitting. He looked at me sheepishly and said, "no way mom, I love it! I made a friend already and it's really fun". I have watched his self-confidence grow over the past few months. Part of his language disorder impacts his interactions which causes difficulty making friends. He doesn't always come off well to other children his age. At the theater he seems to not have this problem.

We are so incredibly grateful for the scholarship that has allowed us to participate in Stagedoor. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this amazing gift that I know my children will forever remember fondly and is helping shape them into the most amazing people

Morgan (high school)
At age ten I moved to Colorado, and joined StageDoor Theatre. StageDoor helped me to make friends; at school I was simply "the new kid," but at StageDoor I was somebody. I had friends at StageDoor, some of which I remain extremely close to. Next year will mark my seventh year with the theatre and I could not be more excited. As I look back through the last seven years of my life at the theatre I am reminded of all the wonderful people I've met, and also how far I've come as a person. StageDoor gave me a place to be myself. At StageDoor Theatre, people are constantly being pushed out of their comfort zones and expanding their boundaries. It constantly challenges me to try new things and has made me a more sociable and also a more adventurous person.

Cade (high school)
My tentative choice of being a part of Stagedoor has turned out to be a decision that has really paid off. While taking part in my high school's shows was a fun thing to do, I could easily shrug them off and say I didn't advance a whole lot from those experiences.

StageDoor's 'Almost, Maine' in 2012 truly embodied my greatest growth as a performer, tuning my acting skills and fastening them down by working with Jay Louden, a great director who worked with our high school cast. When I began 'Almost, Maine', I didn't know what I was in for, thinking that it may wind up being a mediocre play experience compared to my high school shows. As performers, we all have that noteworthy crown jewel play experience that doesn't come along very often. It seems to occur randomly because of a right match of cast members and directors, and StageDoor hosted that experience-- I know now that it's not because of chance but rather their good choice in finding a director, and the director casting a small group of some genuine and enjoyable personalities-- as if it were the result of a "" survey for actors; I've made some close friends because of the show.

My more recent credits at StageDoor include the musicals 'Once Upon a Mattress' and 'Legally Blonde' (part of the education program there) of which I've enjoyed being a part of too.

McAlyn (high school)
StageDoor has provided me with a safe-haven that can only be found in the theatre. It is the one place I can go where I know I can let go of all the stress in my life and truly be in the moment. The wonderful people here have become my closest friends and my new family. Without them and everything they have taught me, I would be a different person. Thank you StageDoor!

Sabrina (parent of middle schooler)
I am astounded by the productions at StageDoor Theatre, top notch costumes, sets, and thespians. The education program provides children with the opportunity to not only nurture and express their talent and creativity, but instills an unwavering sense of self-confidence; much needed in today's world. This close-knit community truly touches your heart.

Jackson (middle school)
StageDoor is a place of facing fear, conquering goals, and obtaining the confidence that we, the actors of StageDoor, love. One person that the theater has had a huge impact on, is me. I started at the theater almost 2 years ago, and it has changed my life. My first role was as a guard in the production of Aladdin. A chorus role, yes, but then I heard about the auditions for Jay Louden's production of "Almost, Maine." I thought my chances were slim in getting a role, but I tried out anyways. To my surprise, I got the opening scene. I met some of the most amazing, most supportive people that I have ever known...



The name of this organization shall be Conifer's StageDoor Theatre, Inc.

StageDoor's mission is to inspire the hearts and minds of its performers and patrons of all ages.


The purposes of StageDoor are:

2.1 To provide entertainment for all members of the community, including plays, musicals, live music, dance, improv, community talks and lectures, touring shows, live readings, storytelling and festivals

2.2 To provide performance opportunities for all ages

2.3 To provide learning opportunities in the performing arts for area children, including enhanced learning opportunities for younger students who want to augment their skills and for older students who plan to pursue theater and theater-related activities beyond their high school years

2.4 To provide learning opportunities for adults who want to begin acting or enhance or sharpen their acting and performance skills

2.5 To provide a space in which members of the community can perform and participate in events such as open mics, informal readings, improv nights, "light-production" plays, meetings and other interactive community events

Background Statement

Conifer's StageDoor Theatre in the preeminent nonprofit performing arts and theatre education organization in the 285 corridor celebrating its 30th year. Founded in 1990, StageDoor has evolved from a small performance company with one portable stage to an expansive, multifaceted community theatre providing performing arts education and award-winning productions.

From 1990-1994 StageDoor was know as The Shadow Mountain Theatre Company, changing its name to Conifer's StageDoor Theatre in 1995. From 1990-2003 performances were in a number of facilities in the Conifer area. Performances were often in area schools, churches and community facilities. Some performance locations were in unique spaces including an outdoor performance of "The Rainmaker" in 1994 and a performance of "Murder in Green Meadows" in 1995 in a local riding arena. In 2003 CSDT leased a 1,500 sf facility in Aspen Park. Two years later it was expanded to 2,500 sf. In April 2010, StageDoor opened its new theater, doubling its space to over 5000 sf and raising seating capacity from 80 to 121, along with providing a significantly larger main stage. Two years ago an additional 2,500 sf was added to meet increased demand. StageDoor is currently in the process of obtaining a new 10 year lease.

StageDoor has offered summer programs since 1990 and a year-round education program for the past 16 years.

The after school and summer programs provide performance arts education in acting, music, dance, and related technical skills for youth ages 6 to 18. These programs foster public speaking skills, cooperative peer interaction, and self-confidence. In 2003 our year-round program began with less than 50 students. Enrollment in 2019 exceeded 200 individuals.

The after school and summer programs provide performance arts education in acting, music, dance, and related technical skills for youth ages 6 to 18. These programs foster public speaking skills, cooperative peer interaction, and self-confidence. In 2003 our year-round program began with less than 50 students. Enrollment in 2019 exceeded 200 individuals.

In addition to our dramatic and drama-based programs and performances, live music concerts are taking hold. In 2017 we presented two well-known regional bands, The Slingers, Dakota Blonde performed at StageDoor. In 2018, we hosted the same two bands, and added Timothy P. Irvin and the Rocky Mountain Stocking Stuffers, Mark Cormican, and Chris Daniels and the Kings. The diversity of this music has attracted many new patrons. Before the concerts, we ask for a show of hands of people who are attending a StageDoor event for the first time, and that number almost always exceeds 50%.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to shut our doors in March 2020. During the time we were shut down, we took taken the opportunity to do some much-needed projects that would have been more difficult in times when the theatre was in production. We repainted and remodeled our lobby area, rebuilt our prop area, remodeled our costume area, and built a new backstage make-up area with upgraded lighting that will accommodate twice as many actors as our previous set-up. We also redesigned and rebuilt our backstage area for our stage managers.

We were able to successfully produce Education productions during the summer of 2021 and our 2021-2022 season begins in September.

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