Spirit Wind Horse Rescue

A nonprofit organization

We are Delta County's only horse rescue and offer the only available place for local, at-risk horses to safely find a new home. We're committed to finding forever adoptive homes for our horses. If unadoptable, we provide life-long sanctuary. We are small and rely on donations and volunteers.


Spirit Wind Horse Rescue partners with local horse trainer Michelle Skerl who owns and operates Freedom Equine in Crawford CO. In the last four years she has trained 12 of our rescue horses and because of her renowned reputation as a trainer, each of the horses has found the perfect adoptive home.

When Spirit Wind Horse Rescue takes in a rescued equine, our veterinarian checks their physical condition and we address physical ailments while also ensuring that each horse gets proper nutrition, hoof care and socialization. As a result, our horses are welcomed by Michelle knowing they are healthy in body and mind and very trainable. Her clients, that adopt our rescues, know that they are offering a wonderful horse a new, forever home. Most of our horses are adopted by local horse enthusiasts located in Delta County CO, but some have been adopted by folks as far away as Virginia and Crested Butte CO.

Other horses are adopted directly from us because they came to us ready for riding with little "tuning-up" needed or are un-ridable due to age or unsoundness but are desirable as sweet, gentle, amiable companion horses. All adopters know that if for any reason they can not continue to properly care for their adopted horse, because of illness, relocation or are experiencing hard financial times, or for any other reason the horse must be returned to us. This provides a welcome bit of back-up "insurance" for our adopters that is greatly appreciated.

We also take in older, neglected or unwanted horses that are not suitable for adoption because of physical or behavioral issues. We provide them a safe and secure home and they live out their lives with us as part of our herd of beloved sanctuary horses. In other cases, horses have been relinquished to us that have been so abused and neglected and are are in such poor condition or health that the only choice is to give them a loving last few days and perform the last act of kindness, ensuring that these horses doesn't suffer any longer.


Spirit Wind Horse Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated, trained and re-homed at least 300 at-risk horses since our inception in 2006. Our rescue horses come to us from local residents who are aging, have passed or have fallen on hard times and can no longer provide adequate care. We also rescue BLM mustangs and accept horses relinquished from local dude ranch riding programs. All of these horses would have otherwise gone to auction and in all likelihood entered the slaughter pipeline in Mexico.

We care for as many as 50 horses at any given time on the two home properties of the founders, have no paid staff, are volunteer driven and rely solely on donations and adoption fees. Our work helps people needing a second chance for their horses, but more importantly it saves the lives of these special equines.

Background Statement

Spirit Wind Horse Rescue was started in 2006 when two friends and founders of the rescue attended the Delta County Livestock Auction and bought three mares that would of otherwise been purchased by a buyer that ships horses to Mexico for slaughter and human consumption. They began rescuing horses and keeping them on the properties both own.

They filed for and became a 501(c)3 charity in 2009 and are registered with the Colorado Secretary of State and the IRS. Since 2006, they have rescued at least 300 horses (including donkeys and mules), most of which were at risk of being sold for slaughter.

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Spirit Wind Horse Rescue

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