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Inspired by Womanist creative thought the following principles guide Soul 2 Soul Sisters:

All Black Gender Expansive Beloveds Matter. Soul 2 Soul Sisters privileges Black people who identify as Woman, Femme, Trans, and gender expansive, who are elderly, spiritual, courageous, outrageous, religious, audacious, incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, serious, spontaneous, playful, disabled, creative, immigrant … ALL Black Women are divine creations and are welcome.

Self-love and love of Black Women are medicine to the soul. Where there is self-love and love of Black Women, there is healing and liberation for all. Self-love and love of Black Women are intentional and unleash the power of each Black Woman, femme, and gender-expansive beloved. Self-love and love of Black Women promote growth and innovation, cultivating sacred space for creativity, vision and joy. Self-love and love of Black Women connect us with our ancestors, Universe, the Divine, and with generations to come. Through self-love and love of Black Women, we create futures in which ALL people are free.

REST is a spiritual practice. In a world that seeks to ravage every fiber of Black Women, femmes, and gender expansive beings, rest is refreshing radical resistance. Rest is not lazy or selfish – rather it is nourishing, essential and divine. Rest is a spiritual practice since it helps us connect with the Divine, our humanity and each other more deeply. We do the work that our souls must have. And we rest. (Cannon et al., 2011) Cannon, K. G. (2011). Black womanist ethics. Wipf & Stock.

Black liberation work liberates Black Femmes NOW. Since Black Women, femmes and gender expansive beloveds have been robbed of liberation, it is our duty to create, chant, eat, sing, speak truth, be round, rest, birth babies, march, celebrate, dance, vote, laugh, dream, and more. We embody life-loving power as we dismantle all forms of oppression and envision Black Beloveds thriving. Now. 

*4 Principles. The spiritual significance of the number four is building a stable, strong foundation that connects mind/body/spirit


Soul 2 Soul Sisters is a grassroots, loved-based, racial justice nonprofit organization based in Denver. We transform Colorado and beyond through Black Women & femme-centered programming focused on Black healing, health & joy, Black civic engagement & policy, ending anti-Black racism & white supremacy culture, and reparations through a reproductive justice framework towards actualizing Black healing and Black liberation.

Background Statement

Shaped by Womanist creative thought and theology, Soul 2 Soul Sisters is founded by two Black clergy Women, Rev. Tawana Angela Davis, Ph.D. and Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval. Soul 2 Soul Sisters provides sacred space for Black Women, femmes, and gender expansive beings to rest, be, share, and develop and implement plans for peace, power, healing, and liberation

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