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Seeds of South Sudan Partners With Colorado Gives

Seeds of South Sudan ("Seeds") is proud to Partner with Colorado Gives to fulfill its mission to transform the lives of South Sudanese orphan refugee children. Founded by former "Lost Boy of Sudan" Arok Garang, Seeds offers these young orphans languishing at the Kakuma Refugee Camp, the opportunity to leave the camp and earn a quality education.  Seeds requests donations and sponsorship of individual students to allow them the ability to attend a boarding school for outstanding elementary education, subsequent high school, and even college. 

In addition, donations will be used to offer these ethical, caring young children a home base that also provides them with nutritional meals, and access to medical care -- all in a loving, nurturing environment. To date, 145 children have been able to leave the refugee camp, join the Seeds family and attend school. Subsequently, as young adults, Seeds graduates bring their skills to help rebuild South Sudan into a thriving, prosperous, stable country, thus becoming the Seeds of South Sudan. Please consider donating to help transform the lives of these precious orphan children.


"Such a great cause. It is run extremely efficiently." Rona Wronker

"To rescue an orphan from one of the oldest refugee camps in the world ( Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya , East Africa ) in which refugees are allotted only one meal a day, where water has to be carried in, where education is inaccessible, where hope is bleak, and to then provide the opportunity for a child to receive an education in Nakuru, Kenya and live in a loving home with other orphans from Kakuma is the greatest investment in that student's life. 

It is the difference between hope and despair. Indeed, an education gives that orphan a chance at life and a future. To rescue a parentless child from such despairing refugee camp conditions and offer hope and an education is a most noble endeavor. Seeds of South Sudan, founded by a former refugee, an orphan himself, Arok Garang, is an honorable organization, worthy of everyone's support."   Rev. Heidi McGinness of Unflinching Hope Ministries Worldwide


To transform the Lives of South Sudanese Orphans

To nurture and educate refugee children to become leaders of South Sudan.

Background Statement

Founded by former 'Lost Boy of Sudan' Arok Garang, Seeds of South Sudan is now educating more than 145 children and youth in boarding schools and universities in Kenya. Using funds raised in the United States, Arok interviews students from the Kakuma Refugee Camp who are recommended by South Sudanese community leaders. The three requirements are:

* Children must be orphans,

* Willing to learn and,

* Willing to contribute to rebuilding their country of South Sudan.

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